'Heed Your Call': Advice to Find Your Purpose

Author David Howitt discusses his new book designed to help you get out of your comfort zone.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for 'Heed Your Call': Advice to Find Your Purpose
David how it is here come on -- we get a chair yeah. I'm really excited to introduce you all today and I I love this but -- current -- -- -- missionary in advance and autopsy. And -- I was so inspired by it I really believe that this is the kind of book. That comes around every once in awhile and on and makes a big impression on people -- can truly change your life. The name -- that is -- your call integrating next science spirituality and business is out today. Congratulations I know it is a real labor of love. Korea really appreciate it thanks for having me what does it -- to heed your call. To heed your call means to leave the known world the world that you grew up in meetings are small town the comforts of the job that everyone thought you were supposed to take it actually do what your soul wants you to do your purpose your purpose but getting there getting the courage to do that. It is not easy and and you have a lot of great tips on how to. Having some and not yourself. I think it starts with listening you know just tuning in we all have hints of -- we hear the whisper -- -- the phone ringing in the other room. It wants to tell us that there's something else out there too often we have a situation where people say you know I've got the kids the how's the job and I'm just not feeling -- -- I don't feel like I have what I really want in my life. And it's -- -- -- David does it drive you crazy seeing it over -- and it does because it's so to me the greatest mistake one can make in their life. Is to live a life of an authenticity to not do what you're meant to do now to me that's failure you're trying things on. Checking things out and maybe not succeeding that's okay -- York. I mean at this -- -- -- -- idea I do believe I am he and I call that there are areas in my life where this book really resonated right like I could live a more authentic life. And -- and I and I I love some of the other. Premises that you really believe in in one of them. I love the power and it's not about what it's about and we'll explain that because I really think if you're listening out there this is pivotal. Well I -- we have beacon in front of us right to you cannot -- and go for Iran later in the day it's not poor and so. The point is that. Each of us has an opportunity to be. Artistic and also in commerce the world requires I would say the future requires us to -- poets and profit Sanders. To really use intuition. And analytics. This sort of archaic idea that you're either a starving artist for -- sort of vapid. Wealthy executive is not gonna carry us to the future. The future's gonna belong of those entities enterprises and people that -- toggle back and forth -- between the two. The passion of your storm tea tasting and getting out there and then also being here in the studio in delivering the news that the power you have and you don't have to -- that you can I want to -- another ants. They cannot count by -- yeah I know it is the I'm telling you it's a quick screen you can't put it down I have a question spree as I was reading it I was wondering. You know this is the kind of book that if people if it catches on -- people listen to it you know you have Deepak Chopra on the back. What's your goal what's -- what's what's your call sure you want to have your own shows you wanna become a guru -- -- Tony Robbins. What's the -- David how. No you know I mean for me my highest intention would be that this book can help people to live a bit more a purpose driven life. If I'm able to create just a little bit of momentum or -- movement. Behind this concept that so right in the world that we can have at all you know we can have. Fine and tattoos and go on the -- live music and raise kids can also be executives -- -- really profitable companies. Then I feel like I've you know heeded my call. Yet there's what good is another great example that I loved less than this you know it applies to so many of us -- -- whose parents are getting a little older I love desk. Reinvention. Not resignation can make it golden years Gloria stand -- I mean for so many people were looking at are in their fifties and thinking. What next he doesn't mean you need to move -- you don't throw in the towel just -- and parents absolutely. Every day in fact I'd say every -- We have an opportunity to change the moment. Every single moment of every day as an opportunity for change. And to reinvent and to reshape and to rethink to push possibilities to live from our fullest potential -- These are really killing inspired -- I don't do -- and Broadway. -- And all I'm -- -- big yeah yeah yeah. Run. I we have reporting gives Rio a selection of Big Brother while -- yeah I didn't. I think today at the -- got a book launches today cannot tell you how much an inspired me personally professionally. I wish you nothing but they -- my guys I -- that you see him like. Like you know Dr. Phil yes we'll be calling Dr. dean. So congratulations -- -- -- -- -- well -- it was.

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{"id":22664064,"title":"'Heed Your Call': Advice to Find Your Purpose","duration":"3:00","description":"Author David Howitt discusses his new book designed to help you get out of your comfort zone.","url":"/GMA/video/books-heed-call-offers-advice-find-purpose-22664064","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}