Boxing for Billions: UFC Stars on 'GMA'

Dana White, Miesha Tate, Paige Vanzant, Chuck Liddell, Jon Jones, Frankie Edgar and Daniel Cormier reveal big news about an upcoming fight.
4:23 | 04/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boxing for Billions: UFC Stars on 'GMA'
"Gma." You can see ufc announcer Bruce buffer handing out cupcakes and that's because Miesha "Cupcake" Tate is one of the ufc superstars with us. We're about to find out why one of the toughest women in the ring goes by cupcake along with some other ufc secrets but first let me introduce you to everyone. We've met the ladies. Miesha state and Paige Vanzant. We have Dana white, hall of fame fighter chuck liddell and Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier and Frankie Edgar. I'll tart with you, Dana, since you are the boss, first of all. You have a big announcement and what is that announcement? We do, ufc 200 has been interesting to say the least. You know, putting this thing together. There's been some crazy things that have gone on, ups and downs, Jon Jones just fought on Saturday night and won his fight against osp. He's been out for 15 months. And now he's back. And he wants his ufc light heavyweight title back so the pain event will be Daniel Cormier versus Jon Jones. There is not a ufc fan in the world who is more excited than I am. I am a big fan. I watched you fight last month and 15 months off you were given interim light heavyweight title. In order to get the permanent title you have to be beat Daniel who you were supposed to fight but who is injured so how do you feel about that? Do you think this is the perfect matchup for you now. Yeah, absolutely. Me and my team, we've been working extensively and have a great strategy to beat Daniel Cormier. I got thrown a last-minute change of opponent. Felt like I did great with it given the circumstances and ready to get back to my original plan which is to dominate Daniel Cormier again. Okay. Well, Daniel, I know you two have a loving relationship. Very contentious if you didn't know but, Daniel, how did you feel? With the injury, first of all, second, how do you think you'll fare in the fight the second time around with Jon. I'm hire, obviously, so the doctor's appointment went eel. I'm happy. I'm as happy as anybody could be to be in this situation. I've been wanting to fight Jon for a long time after he beat me last January and I feel great. I mean, I made a lot of improvement in the last training camp and I don't think in July that it should be a problem. You know, we're looking forward to this. This is as nice as you've been to each other as long as I can remember. It's early. It's early in the morning for you guys and I want to talk to you, Paige, and they call you -- I mean, you're on "Dancing with the stars" now. Yeah. I'm trying to -- how do you go from this fighter to this dancer all of a sudden? You're doing a great job by the way. Thank you. Is there a -- There self is. I get nervous before every fight and before every time I have to dance. You know it's not as much a second nature. Obviously I have to remember like memorize the dance routine so it's a little harder. I've been having a lot of fun and hoping I can bring some more fans over to the ufc and fans over to mma that don't necessarily know what it is yet. You're definitely doing that. The guy that started it. Chuck liddell, U.S. Hall of famer and made the sport and give him credit for making it mainstream and on top of that being mainstream -- you were the first fighter on "Dancing with the stars" so have you given Paige any advice? You know, people ask if I gave her any advice. Don't watch what I did. You know, that was the reason I got on "Dancing with the stars" was to get -- get a different audience, see -- back then they thought we were neanderthals and we're kind of neanderthals but not completely. I'm not messing with you, Miesha, why are you nicknamed cupcake? That's the last thing I would think a fighter would be nicknamed. I wanted to embrace the irony of it. Early on I got underestimated. People thought, man she wears a dress and heels. No way she can be tough, cupcake. I thought it was funny after a while and started beating up people that didn't think I would beat them up. And gave myself the nickname cupcake. I'm not calling you that regardless of its being your nickname. Frank di, do me a favor, keep Jon and Daniel away from each other. Yeah. I'll do my best. That's why we set you there. Thank you guys for coming. We're looking forward to ufc 200 July 9th.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Dana White, Miesha Tate, Paige Vanzant, Chuck Liddell, Jon Jones, Frankie Edgar and Daniel Cormier reveal big news about an upcoming fight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38691287","title":"Boxing for Billions: UFC Stars on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/boxing-billions-ufc-stars-gma-38691287"}