Sibling Bullying as Damaging as Peer Bullying: Report

Dr. Richard Besser discusses the dangers of bullying by a brother or sister.
1:58 | 06/17/13

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Transcript for Sibling Bullying as Damaging as Peer Bullying: Report
But now to the brand-new research out this morning that shows bullying by siblings can be as damaging as bullying by peers and the findings show siblings' aggression can have a negative impact on kids and teens. Mental health. Abc's health correspondent dr. Richard besser is here with the latest. This has caught a lot of people attention. Tell us more. So, this is a large study, 3600 kids and they interviewed children who were adolescents and the parents of younger children and wanted to find out, do you see the same effects when it's a sibling bullying you as you do a child in school or someone they encounter in the streets. Yeah, as a pediatrician I focus on bullying a lot. I always ask about it in the school, but I don't ask about it in the home and what they found here is it's just as damaging to be bullied by a brother or sister as it is to be bullied by a child in school. Now you said you'll ask parents that. You don't really think about it so much but parents watching this morning, what is your advice? I think you need to look for this. It's not just what kids do, you need to take it seriously and there's some things you can do at home. You want to have a role. You just are not going to accept this. Zero tolerance forbullying. Make sure you're not modeling violence in the home through your own behaviors and you want to make sure that when you do see bullying you separate kids and you're looking for positive interaction between children. So when you see a brother and a sister being nice to each other, you're rewarding that so you're encouraging positive actions. How is it in your house? I've met your brothers. When I was a kid my brother picked on me all the time. I was the youngest of four. You didn't think of it as bullying at the time. It was just what kids do. Ing to give him a call when we're done here. Exactly. My sister here, dorothy, we were talking about our big sister, it just happened this week, talking about some of the things that happened. It stays with you. It does. Thanks so much. Coming up, strangers battle the elements with no food, no

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses the dangers of bullying by a brother or sister.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19418227","title":"Sibling Bullying as Damaging as Peer Bullying: Report","url":"/GMA/video/bullying-study-sibling-bullying-damaging-peer-bullying-report-19418227"}