Hugh Grant reacts to 'unusual' BAFTA nomination

Plus, the "Paddington 2" star reveals how his kids reacted to watching him play a villain in the new movie.
3:00 | 01/09/18

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Transcript for Hugh Grant reacts to 'unusual' BAFTA nomination
weddings and a funeral," and now "Paddington 2." Hugh grant. Congratulations. We heard you got nominated by the British academy last night for best supporting actor. I did. It was very unusual for me and very nice, yeah. What's unusual is you're playing a villain. I want to show a little bit of it first. Let's watch. Very good. I suppose you know who I am. Oh, yes. You're a very famous actor. Oh, pooh. Or used to be. Now you do dog food commercials. Well, a man has to eat. What, dog food? Now, it looks like a fun role but must be tough to play a narcissistic washed up actor. You're perfect for the part. That's the letter I got and it was hurtful, yes. But I don't know if you saw "Paddington 1." I know you love children's films but, you know, it's brilliant because it's not just funny and warm hearted but manages not to be smaltzy which was my worry and I signed up and it all turned out and come out ridiculously. 100% on rotten tomatoes. I saw that. I'm the man who has had 7%. You also got to bring your son to the set. What did he think. He was very bored as everyone who's ever been on a film set was and has been. And I also -- I had a screening and I invited my children and hundreds of their friends and everyone loved it except my children. They kept saying, why are you in it so much? You can't impress them. Bring the bear back. Yeah. We have a special treat. We have guests from great Britain. Big Hugh grant fans. They've got a question for you. Go ahead. Yeah, we were just wondering what your favorite film has been so far that you've worked on. My favorite film what? That you've worked on so far. Well -- I did a film -- I did like "Paddington" and "Sirens" many years ago with -- It was a very low pressure job. Low budget. Never expected to have a big release. It was in Australia with lots of naked women. Elle Macpherson. I remember enjoying that. That'll do it. Another one. You worked with a lot of people but who's next on your list you'd like to work with? Well, I only seem to work with Ben now. He's the voice of paddington. I just wrapped a TV series in which I play Jeremy Thorpe, famous politician who had an affair with this stable boy. Paddington. Played by Ben so I had this unusual experience of having sex with paddington. And on that morning television note -- I'm sorry. "Paddington 2" in theaters on Friday. Thanks for coming in.

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{"id":52226122,"title":"Hugh Grant reacts to 'unusual' BAFTA nomination","duration":"3:00","description":"Plus, the \"Paddington 2\" star reveals how his kids reacted to watching him play a villain in the new movie.","url":"/GMA/video/catching-hugh-grant-live-gma-52226122","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}