Chef Adam Leonti From Brooklyn Bread Lab Coaches 'GMA' on Bread-Baking

Leonti - who has lost weight on a diet of bread and pasta - makes pizza and shows "GMA" anchors how to knead, make and shape dough for bread.
4:21 | 04/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chef Adam Leonti From Brooklyn Bread Lab Coaches 'GMA' on Bread-Baking
But right now, let's talk about the bread diet, Amy. Let's do that. Here with me now chef Adam Leonti, the founder of the Brooklyn bread lab revealing how you can literally have your bread, eat it too and enjoy those carbs while losing weight. We first learned about his work in "The New York post." Now he is sharing his secrets with us. Thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me. So work 12-hour days and eat bread and pasta all day long. And sometimes cake. Okay, so let's see how many pounds you've dropped just in the last month. Let's see. Not zero. 15 pounds. All of this are like, huh? How does it work. At the Brooklyn bread lab which is from the williamsburg hotel. We started out with the williamsburg hotel and ended up with this bread lab as we delayed collection and milled our own wheat which was the whole idea and we have flour that we make ourselves which is really the key to the whole thing. That's what makes it so special. It's the only place in new York that you can get something like this. And that's what we kind of like rest our laurels on. You teach classes so people can do this at home as well, correct? Exactly. We teach kid, professionals. Pizza, pasta, pastry, the whole thing. For all of us who love bread and thought we couldn't eat it -- yes, we have our helpers here. We'll learn some of your tricks. I saw you brought food. We have a couple of things that we got to go by. First, when you guys are going to make some bread get a digital scale and throw the cups out the window. Too old school. Like ten bucks. That's precise. Precise and eliminates everything when you go -- It sounds very kneady. She's on fire. Ba-dum-dum. So this is kind of like a sourdough. If you were to feel it, the thing is, though, we suggest yeast, start with yeast. It's kind of like a training wheel as you get into sourdough and then the other little example is this scraper. It's just going to make the whole process really easy and show you how to just move this thing around. Water here and you have to get your hands in the water and rub it all over. This will keep your hands -- see how her hands are sticky and got crazy and started pushing it around. Act like you've been Phillip Mena before. What you'll do is stretch this out a little bit. Okay. Is this dough that we're -- this is healthy. This is healthy. This has all the beauty and wheat inside. Has the bran, germ, all the vitamins. We know wheat is good for you. Once you fold it in half and kind of mull it, you'll stretch it out. Why is yours -- You're good. You're good. Now just turn -- Lara is adding water to hers. 90 degrees. You got it. Now you turn. Then we'll roll it up. Wow. Okay. Yeah. A little bit might stick. That's where you use your scraper. Oh. Yeah, yeah. Baking bread, America. All right. Whoo. One little touch of water and in the basket is where it'll rise and let it rise up again. You'll see it like double and put it in the oven. I usually cook it 575 degrees. As hot as your oven can go, something like that. Lara has made porridge. No, it's good. Mine is good. Don't look at it. As high as your oven can go for an hour and every -- How much bread can you eat in a day -- I eat a whole loaf a day. You eat a whole loaf of bread a day. Stop. That's what I'm talking about. Just about what we can do with this flour and making it ourselves. I see you have a lot of veggies. Pizza that -- We make pizza if you want to check it out. You got us to the dough portion. Is it hard to make that dough. Not really. Just flour, water yeast. Yeast the key ingredient and you want the wheat. The fresh wheat. This is what it ends up here. A whole bunch of chickerry, parsley, provolone, this is what the dough looks like in the beginning. We're just going to stretch it out a little bit and kind of see how this works. This kind of comes over -- Same dough and like the key I think is just all the veggies. It makes it healthy and eat bread and lose weight, George. Who knew?

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Leonti - who has lost weight on a diet of bread and pasta - makes pizza and shows \"GMA\" anchors how to knead, make and shape dough for bread.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38241092","title":"Chef Adam Leonti From Brooklyn Bread Lab Coaches 'GMA' on Bread-Baking","url":"/GMA/video/chef-adam-leonti-brooklyn-bread-lab-coaches-gma-38241092"}