Can Chris Christie Survive 'Bridge-Gate' Scandal?

The New Jersey governor is considered a Republican frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Can Chris Christie Survive 'Bridge-Gate' Scandal?
Rarely Maggie. Promise there are three losses in the state of New Jersey Bruce Springsteen well folks and kill -- tool -- Tony Soprano. Media folks in Washington. -- governor Chris Christie. He is enormously popular. Considered a frontrunner to beat a Republican presidential nominee in 2016. And -- it came on national political stark. Because it is talent like it is take no prisoners rationing you know so they showed that tonight they gotta be jobs in art you're willing to get drunk instead idiot they -- -- governor to shut up her second. He's built his reputation not only on top -- first officer or your business but also on representing a fresh alternative to the old. -- style of New Jersey politics. As dramatized in The Sopranos are trending -- -- and American hostels -- always think the thing. Obama and. But tonight Chris Christie is embroiled in a scandals over potentially damaging. Anything or -- to launch an extraordinary. Your -- -- contrition me. I am embarrassed. And humiliate. By the conduct. Of some of the people. On my team this scandal has its roots in of all things a traffic jam. And epic event again this past September. And agency controlled by the governor to reduce the number of -- lanes on the George Washington Bridge the busiest bridge in the world. That provoked paralysis adding hours to commute from millions of people including police officers and ambulances. Quickly that questions came -- -- does this all an act of political retaliation. After all of the mayor of Fort Lee home of the bridge. A Democrat named Marc -- -- Had recently refused to support Cristi in his reelection campaign against democratic state senator Barbara -- up. Governor Christie responded to questions about a possible political vendetta. I'm mocking reporters but I actually was the guy working the calls are you really are not serious without question. But then yesterday a bombshell the release of a wave of emails and text in August shortly after the mayor refused to support -- The governor's deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly sent a note to a transportation official named David Weinstein saying. Time -- -- in traffic problems in Fort Lee. Wild -- replied got it. About a month later he ordered the lanes closed. That day frantic -- so Coolidge called somebody wild Steve's office regarding an urgent matter of public safety in Fort Lee. He call him back Kelly asks. Radio silence says while -- the next -- Christi officials were told there's a problem getting kids to school help please it's maddening. Is it wrong that I'm smiling wrote one unidentified staffer I feel badly about that kids against replied another. To it David -- -- responded. They are the children of -- voters referring to the governor's democratic opponent and -- today in response -- governor came out and held what may have been one of the longest and most bizarre press conferences. -- in modern American politics. All of the people. Who were affected by this conduct. To surface of policy and that's why I'm giving. He said he was blind sided by -- revelations that he knew nothing about the scheme to cause the gridlock. And that he's just buyers retreat telling. Mayor -- which was never on my radar screen until I saw his picture. -- less -- -- television. I would've been able to pick him out of a lineup. The whole thing lasted an epic 188. Minutes nearly two hours even as Christie was talking. The mayor of port leak came out and said he'd rather or not receive the governor today. He certainly wouldn't be -- but at Fort Lee has built up enough capital at this point to be granted one request we would ask that. This dizzy com wants this investigation is either all -- or all of the material facts have surfaced. But apologies may not be enough here today David Wilde Steve resigned several weeks ago as this scandal was gathering steam refused to answer questions in front of a legislative committee. -- the advice of my counsel. I respectfully assert my right to remain silent when the United States in New Jersey constitution's. Democrats in Trenton in this State Capitol clearly see an opening. The governor has certainly conducted himself over the last four years says the worst. Combination of the bully in boss. I -- Democrats including Christie's former opponent. Senator Barbara -- Regale us with stories about the governor's alleged abusive behavior she says onetime after she publicly criticize -- several years ago. He was never allowed into a meeting with him again even though she was the senate majority leader. He told the senate president he would not meet with me -- and they would have leadership meetings and I was back. -- So after that one comment correct you were not allowed into meetings correct. It's not unusual it is and then it's on -- mutual he's very thin skinned it Governor Christie got up today and said. The following words I am not a -- in your experience truly -- -- usable. Simple -- that if you disagree with them he's gonna get -- -- -- yet. -- -- gonna seek revenge so. Former governor Dick codey who's now a state senator told us that one time after he disagreed with the governor on a policy issue. -- lashed out and feeling the funding for a program to help women suffering from postpartum depression. A program Cody had created in honor of his wife who had experienced a condition herself. 800000 dollars was removed from the budget. In each year we've tried to restored he would allow. How do you know he wasn't just doing budget cutting because he thought this was maybe money -- -- cutting that was. Sending a message on the boss. -- fans watching this interview may say hey this is just. Our grapes here. You're no longer in power here -- here in the opposite party huge. Taking advantage of the situation -- it is now absolutely not and not many would -- improve for. I love being governor and -- some -- -- That the governor would conduct himself that way. I will always respect that office and a video holds. The questions about the governor are just coming from Democrats in a recent best selling book doubled down the authors claim -- Romney's team was very troubled. By video of Chris Christie arguing with hecklers on the Jersey Shore as seen in this clip from TLC. The video -- Chris Christie. On New Jersey boardwalk getting into a confrontation with one of his constituents. A shouting match. In which the constituent finally had enough and walks away the Christie won't let go any -- is this constituent down the boardwalk. Brandishing an ice cream come. As if -- -- weapon. So tonight the question can Chris Christie survive this scandal. -- is definitely the potential for more damaging revelations as the state legislature and now the US attorney each investigate the matter. In the absence of any new facts. This is -- survivable thing for him. Here you think about the kinds of scandals of the Clinton overcame -- George W. Bush and do you why. -- Obama survived Reverend Wright a big politicians and American life to survive scandals much bigger than this. In the end it may be dangerous to underestimate Chris Christie late today he emerged from a thirty minute meeting with the mayor of Fort Lee. Claiming to feel better having apologized in person and he was greeted by shouts of support. And even signed a few autographs.

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{"id":21487390,"title":"Can Chris Christie Survive 'Bridge-Gate' Scandal?","duration":"3:00","description":"The New Jersey governor is considered a Republican frontrunner for the 2016 presidential election.","url":"/GMA/video/chris-christie-survive-bridge-gate-scandal-21487390","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}