Christina El Moussa speaks out for the first time since her split from Tarek El Moussa

The TV personality speaks exclusively to "GMA" about how she is dealing with the tough times.
5:32 | 02/21/17

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Transcript for Christina El Moussa speaks out for the first time since her split from Tarek El Moussa
Christina el Moussa, the star of HGTV's "Flip or flop" is speaking out for the first time on live TV since she and her husband announced their split. Her story is featured on the cover of "People" magazine and we'll speak with Christina in a moment but first ABC's Mara schiavocampo has the latest. Reporter: They're the couple who transform the neighborhood eye sore -- Oh, my god. Reporter: -- Into a gem as the stars of "Flip or flop," no mess is too big for tarek and Christina el Moussa. The bigger the disaster, the bigger the makeover. Reporter: They called it quits after seven years of marriage and two children, Taylor and Braden. We have a crazy busy life and love flipping houses but nothing compares to spending time with our family. Reporter: Last may police responded to the home after receiving a call of a possibly suicidal man with a gun. But the elle moussas tell ABC news there was no violence and no charges were filed. The latest in several public battles over the past few years. In 2013 tarek was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had his thyroid removed and the couple struggling with infertility and they faced complaints surrounding their success path education real estate investment workshops. I stand by our product. It's our tool, it's our system, it's what tarek and I do. Reporter: Now they say they are committed to co-parenting and finishing show production as scheduled. Though many wonder what the future of one of HGTV's biggest hits will look like. For "Good morning America," Mara schiavocampo, ABC news, new York. And we are happy to welcome Christina to the show this morning. Good morning. Hey. And you've gone through so much over the past year. All in the public eye so how have you been holding up. I mean honestly despite everything I'm doing really, really, really good. Thank you. You've been going through so much in such a shored period of time. Tarek's cancer, infertility. How have you both been able to hold it together. Tarek and I met ten years ago at work and went through a market crash like you said, we went through cancer, infertility, you know, now we're going through a very public divorce, but, you know, despite everything, you know, our primary focus is and always will be our kids and, you know, we continue to work together and there's a lot of, you know, false stories and a lot of hype, but, you know, in the end we're just Normal, nice people who just, you know, want to be the best parents and, you know, co-workers that we can be. I know you posted quite a bit of pictures with your kids. You both together with your kids, so how is the co-parenting working out for you. It's honestly going really good. Our kids are amazing. Our son, he's 18 months, he's like literally the happiest kid on the planet. He's always in a good mood and Taylor, she's 6 and she's awesome. She actually just wonnen award at school for being joyful so just shows our kids are transitioning well, tarek and I are friends and we have a lot of support from our family and, you know, despite everything, you know, that articles show -- So the kids are coping well. The kids are doing great, really great. Fans of the show which I'm a big fan of the show and I've watched it on marathon and fans of the show wondering what's going to happen with the show. We hear the show is going to continue. There may be a spin-off. What's going on? Currently season 6 is on air and tarek and I are filming season 7 of "Flip or flop" and filmed together, three, four days a week and it's, you know, we have a great crew, we have so much fun on set and we, you know, we look forward to continuing the show. So but it's not strange or unusual to work with your spouse going through a -- I feel like tarek and I met at work so we worked together before we ever started dating and it's just -- it's our Normal. We also run a seminar company together success path and every five weeks we go to Vegas together and on stage and have a great time and we'll always be working together. Those seminars are going to continue so that's all going to stay the same, as well? We have a seminar Friday in Newport beach. Also been working on a book. A lot of types when you work an a book it kind of opens you up and you have to relive some things. Right. You learn some things that you didn't realize you learned. You're working on a book now. Anything that stood out that you've learned. So I'm in the very early stages. I'm actually like going to get more in depth in the next couple of weeks and so excited. It's going to be just about all the lessons I've learned along the way. Everyone has troubles and a lot of people go divorces and situations, so I just want to let you know the things I've gone through and what's helped me cope. It doesn't seem like you two have shied from being out in the pun with your seminars. How has reaction been from your fans aside from what people read in the media. It's been positive. I get so many nice messages from people that have gone through similar situations and like just the positiveness has helped me get through this. Thank you for coming. Appreciate it. Thank you. "People" magazine hits newsstands Friday and you can see more with Christina on the people/entertainment weekly network. Exclusive look inside the

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"The TV personality speaks exclusively to \"GMA\" about how she is dealing with the tough times. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45623225","title":"Christina El Moussa speaks out for the first time since her split from Tarek El Moussa","url":"/GMA/video/christina-el-moussa-speaks-time-split-tarek-el-45623225"}