Clinton Kelly Talks His New Book Live on 'GMA'

The best-selling author and television host talks about his new book, "I Hate Everyone, Except You," and shares some of his recipes.
3:39 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for Clinton Kelly Talks His New Book Live on 'GMA'
There's pleasure that a new book out tomorrow. It's called I think every one except view. Yeah Clinton startup like spreading this time. I don't sort of it goes to of my life I've been on TV you know for like fifteen years right and for the longest time I was playing it safe because I think I thought I want everybody to like me all the time and I woke up one and Mike. What like everybody likes because I don't hear anybody like. I'm still I want to tell some of the stories in my life that might be us flight pretty good I'm really candid in this book I you know like I really tell like it is 100% Miette wrote it all myself and their stories of crazy things that it happens to me wonderfully romantic thing that have happened to me really embarrassing things have happened to me. And it's all very put it out there for the people who have been watching all these years including something creepy about me on page 92 there is well. I am I wanted to read it for everybody I guess you can read it happens at. So there's a quote another goes. Almost behind schedule what does that even mean to your behind schedule or you're not that's all but that's like saying you almost won the lottery or you almost touch the back of George Stephanopoulos is neck while he was asleep next few on the red night but. Yeah. Oh yeah and let that go. I'm cooking and yeah who like Mac and cheese. Okay. You. Can be very caloric as you know got a lot of she's there's a great way to add some extra labor and some extra nutrition and cut down on the calendar and it's using butternut squash. And it's super simply make its Mac and cheese and about 25 minutes you can have this done so on top of the still view do not cube butternut squash I got some chicken soft in their right now. Some milk and we're going to add two cloves of garlic to that now you December that. And it's all up and up to you don't shot and obviously would like that in December that until but the squash gets fork tender so this is a becomes fork tender you put it into. Your blender just be careful if it's really hot OK so you don't and put in your blunder. With some. Parmesan cheese some great year cheese and some Greek yogurt and you blend that altogether. And that what you get is that she's off that looks like this that looks like bill militias WW thought I almost right. Little song a little cap. I got to Mike Tyson they're it's young and this a little victims and a little bit of activism red pepper flakes yes and then you just kind of sentiment come on hoppy. And then you toss it up and you can top it with some comments I Italian bread crumbs and some parsley and a little bit of salt and little bit of pepper I think that's what you responding to assist. Yeah because I guess over and I need for labor and got them just a little bit have a goes along Linda digging you don't have to bake it again. No you don't have I don't if you wanted to go but under the broiler the cumulative over thousands. It's really got thank you don't let that and then crashes just a rent and for that I just a little bit of breaking its. No they get on this one yet would you like to taste George Cintron might look on the left and it might help widen a much better is this for you than the credit he originally it is half the calories. Have book Y talk about the third minute you have in your hands right now is probably about 315 really red bullet McEntee can sometimes go about a thousand calories. Yeah. It's really good about this I'm glad you like I like it better than the more floor version you know him well then go put. You get to you get England's next book. The mine and I.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"The best-selling author and television host talks about his new book, \"I Hate Everyone, Except You,\" and shares some of his recipes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44638384","title":"Clinton Kelly Talks His New Book Live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/clinton-kelly-talks-book-live-gma-44638384"}