Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey

Two Indiana residents who have lost a collective 400 pounds share how they accomplished their goals together.
2:25 | 12/08/17

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Transcript for Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey
We'll going to move on -- a great story. A couple sharing their weight loss journey and lost nearly 400 pounds together in two years and showed it all on Instagram. Diane Macedo has the story. As we all get ready to make our new year's resolutions here's inspiration. Lexi and Danny reed said they lost all that weight with no trainer, no fancy meal plan, no pills and no surgery. Instead Lexi says they started small and the results are anything but. This is Lexi and Danny back in 2015 and this is the couple now after collectively losing nearly 400 pounds in less than two years. I went from a size 28 to a size 10. I went from a 46 all the way down to a 34. Reporter: It all started as a new year's resolution, Danny was 280 pounds, Lexi was 48 a. We were fed up with the life we were living. Reporter: They hit the gym, eating healthy and documents it all on Lexi's Instagram account fat girl fed up topping 460,000 followers. ??? I never expected to have such an impact on so many people by losing weight. I just wanted to get healthy. Reporter: This morning Danny now weighs 191 pounds and Lexi is down to 182. But they say this was no walk in the park. Basically we had to stop sitting on the couch every night. Not doing much of anything to being in the gym five times a week. Hardest part of our jump if I was changing our relionship with food. But to go from eating out for every single meal to teaching myself ho you to cook every single day to meal prepping together, it was a very drastic change. Reporter: Fitness experts say one key is to have someone to lean on. Workout partner is key. Accountability is everything. Not every day will be a beat day. Not every day will you want to give it your all and you'll someone to uplift you. Reporter: Now they say they are loving this journey together. From not talking to going on romantic walks and talking at night and it just really brought us closer together. And Lexi and Danny now say they are hoping to hit 400 pounds lost together before the end of the year but my favorite part, Michael, is Danny's new nickname for Lexi, he calls her his swoll mate. We like that. Diane, thank you very much. What a great story that is.

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{"id":51660065,"title":"Couple loses 400 pounds in inspirational weight loss journey","duration":"2:25","description":"Two Indiana residents who have lost a collective 400 pounds share how they accomplished their goals together.","url":"/GMA/video/couple-loses-400-pounds-inspirational-weight-loss-journey-51660065","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}