Cyber Monday Shopping Secrets

Retailers are offering big deals, but consumers should still shop smart with these tips from ABC News' Becky Worley.
2:08 | 11/28/16

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Transcript for Cyber Monday Shopping Secrets
climate change as well. We'll talk to her about cybermonday and the holiday deals. You have all kinds of tips. Including one that surprises me. Clearing your browser can get you better deals. Science and factses are supported here, as well as fek nothing. You know how ads follow you around? Retailers can see you coming back to their site to look at an item. We know prices can change. Person to person, minute to minute. You want to make sure your browsing his I have not working against you. Delete it before you go back to make a purchase. We have instructions on our website how to do that. An app called slice. You give it permission to comb through your e-mail look for receipts for online purchases. It tracks when your item ships. It monitors prices. If there's a drop after you purchase, slice alerts you and helds you get a refund. Wow, I love it. I gotta get that today. What to buy? What hits rock bottom? You're going get ready for my rapid fire shopping advice. Deals today, electronics, android phone, external had drives. Small parts, hdmi cables. Laptops, cameras, head foens. Any gadget Amazon makes. New category, clothes. My son's pants are all high-waters up around his shins. Hello, 50% after old Navy. So many are blanket discounting their entire inventory. Gift bundles in budty. Lots of bogo dpraels the fancy soap chains. Here's my shopping quiz. Amy, you're excepted. If George and bill can answer this, I'll eat my arm. What does bogo stand for. I have a very good idea. M allowed to say that. Buy one, get one free. Wait, don't answer that. He does know everything. That can't be all. All right. Guess what? It isn't all. We have more cybermonday

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{"id":43819134,"title":"Cyber Monday Shopping Secrets","duration":"2:08","description":"Retailers are offering big deals, but consumers should still shop smart with these tips from ABC News' Becky Worley.","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-monday-shopping-secrets-43819134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}