Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Daytona 500 Win: 'The Greatest Feeling'

The NASCAR driver wins his second Daytona 500 race 10 years after his first.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Daytona 500 Win: 'The Greatest Feeling'
And it's our distinct pleasure now to be joined by the now two time Daytona 500 champion Dale Earnhardt junior dale. Thank you for your time this morning and congratulations. And -- for somebody who. Almost tasted that Victory Lane 32 place finishes in the last forty years. After 55. Race is not getting there are not taken the checkers. You do it here you do it the biggest race of the year what did it feel like -- yesterday. Did to did when you sat. You know it's when in the Daytona 500 is. The greatest feeling today you can have. As a NASCAR driver dashboard and assassin. Accepting championship -- -- and lost based Freddie appears that's dense densely. The greatest feeling I had felt that ten years -- to -- forward of one of my first Daytona 500. And I just dreamed about an opportunity happening again it's wants a lifetime opportunity and sometimes it -- -- happen for for some of the best job in the sport. So I just. Have dreamed about this ever since I won my first one. Ten years ago and I just can't believe that we were able to accomplish it you know you sit around a driver's -- before the race and look at all the talent in the room. And knowing just how many great race cars yard field it just it seems like odds -- stacked against you. And -- just don't like it could ever happen to you again. And then everything just got a lot of perfectly and it did force last night you know you mentioned that first -- you actually said exclaimed in the moment. That this when was better than the first one why. Because the first one happens. And you're. So blown away. You don't it doesn't sinking -- you don't. You really remember or -- who are realize the experience you're going through and yes the greatest day your life but you almost there have been like an out of body experience and you're not really there and and then it's gone you know it's -- on the the next race and battling for wins in Phoenix next week CNN. And and it's over. And it's like a distant memory already in a matter of days and so I didn't really get them. Let it sink in and enjoy it with the people that Al's list. And so you know and what -- that process and and having that opportunity. To enjoy another victory at Daytona I'm really -- -- this is sinking in. Tom -- you know it and it matters it matters of people that -- -- -- you know I -- the crew I'm with my crew chief family was here. So -- -- to celebrate -- going in under the circumstances with everybody here and and and our team really on the uptick -- everything going so good for us. Just made all that -- that much more special. You know you that you -- sitting in that driver from before the race this was the longest day in Daytona history a rain delay of almost six and a half hours dale. How on earth. Do you stay focused. For six and a half hours on what would be when the big days of your racing career. I knew how good race car ahead nine and I kind of knew we had an awesome car we've been driving this -- all week down here practice -- -- qualify for this race. Had been taking care this car with kid gloves all week trying to deliver it to the starting grid. For Sunday's race and we are able to do that so I knew if we can get that car all the way through the process and offer all the way through qualifying races Larry trouble. That we had a great shot at it and we ran the first. 38 laps of the race. And I detail we had a special car. And I -- we're gonna have a lot of -- so really there is throughout that whole six hour delay Alice. Totally comfortable. You just wait it out enjoy in the whole Daytona 500 experience. Even just -- want to win this race is. An amazing feeling that even you know just to be in the race and be a part of the whole. We -- for me is something that'll take for granted. And -- was just -- that. That day this is our last day in Daytona and morale in the 500 and -- -- going to be a six hour rain delay system. Two you know just -- just enjoy. You know there's a lot of people here interested in what's happening in you know we felt real confident -- we're gonna get a win though -- to finish a race. The only David -- -- schedules. I felt confidently get meg going around Nader -- thirty. And so you did and have to agree with you teammate Jeff Gordon said the world is right right now Dale Junior. Just won the Daytona 500. One -- -- Twitter a quarter million following at dale JR. Rightfully so. What a year it is going to be Dale Earnhardt junior again congratulations on number two. Know what this means to you and your family and best of luck in the future thanks for joining -- morning. -- by Samuel appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The NASCAR driver wins his second Daytona 500 race 10 years after his first.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22649453","title":"Dale Earnhardt Jr. on Daytona 500 Win: 'The Greatest Feeling'","url":"/GMA/video/dale-earnhardt-jr-interview-2014-daytona-500-win-22649453"}