Dana Delany's Sneak Peek at 'Body of Proof' Premiere

Star of ABC show "Body of Proof" discusses new season, and how she gets into character.
3:24 | 02/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dana Delany's Sneak Peek at 'Body of Proof' Premiere
We -- back now with Dana -- she is the start ABC's hit show body approved the new season premiering tomorrow night and we're so happy to have data here with a sneak -- -- everyone's been. Reading about your shoes all morning and now we can -- in full display that. So new season new characters and I love all of the plot lines we have some of them. Kidnapping domestic terrorism. Planting bombs in bodies a plane crashed the zombies and stealing organs today meet miss anything that texas' hunt and of course I can't believe I left out one out -- let's show I seen this is up -- year old Megan and your new character -- -- then. You meet again for the first time let's take a look. Some homes -- strengths of Canada the so we figured. How we wait for the enemy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're doing. Up so -- Tommy have a history on the shelves but you to actually have. Personal professional has -- I should clarify that professional history together yeah well. I am not like I'm mark valley at we did a show -- Pasadena thirteen years ago -- played. Brother and sister. And now we're. Boyfriends girlfriends the very different and our relationship -- -- yeah not now I. What was it like to be reunited again I mean obviously you worked well together before I adore him is -- he's a wonderful actor is nice to look at and that it's good he challenges me. And sometimes people -- afraid of man alive but he -- he's not afraid -- -- and you're not -- anything because from what I understand -- -- in terms of research for this role. You've gone top. Autopsy is yes what was -- -- for -- for not -- things I loved at a pennant utterly fascinating. How -- and your iPad has saved you many times apparently when it comes to learning the medical jargon you have to know yeah in -- -- -- -- at night internally realized the next day and really what is that something got for the iPad but you know years ago you didn't have that and I can you scour the newspaper. For plot lines -- -- what do what do you found -- in hot pink is -- the New York Post. Which has great story is great headlines it's that one of our plot lines of Sierra that's an -- harvesting yeah organ harvesting of course of course that was in the post. How the show evolves over the seasons this is the third season their -- is an I'd say this is the season action. There's a lot of inventions lot of running in high heels. Look more danger I I think it's a -- this season I think would like Lincoln and speaking of your heels I think it's it's fair to say that many other reviews have said that you look like you're in music -- -- flowing hair. Including links boots -- use -- that were made for walking or running what does -- to be as a sex symbol. -- looked it up up. And the -- a wild bank yeah I drink Guinea -- and they went doesn't really didn't know don't know enough not not I don't know but here's Libby admits it did you tell us to come here -- I think it's it's red hot and. I can't complain I just got offered a plan into play next it's it's it's -- I don't sleep -- -- -- that we're excited to see lots more of Dana Delaney thanks for stopping by the new season of body approved premieres tomorrow night. At 10:9 central on ABC.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Star of ABC show \"Body of Proof\" discusses new season, and how she gets into character.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18529344","title":"Dana Delany's Sneak Peek at 'Body of Proof' Premiere","url":"/GMA/video/dana-delanys-sneak-peek-body-proof-season-premiere-18529344"}