'Dance Moms' Star Charged With Assault

One mother on the popular reality show has been ordered to stay away from the dance coach.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dance Moms' Star Charged With Assault
with the big, dramatic twist on the hit reality show "Dance moms" one of the moms now ordered to stay away from the dance coach after allegedly attacking her. ABC's linsey Davis has our story. Reporter: It's been called the jerry springer of dance. You are ugly to the core. Reporter: But now the stars of "Dance moms" on scream shouting matches and over-the-top catfights. Shut up. How old are you? Reporter: Are leading to some real-life drama. It all played out in a New York court Tuesday. Got me. I would never allow this to happen. Reporter: In the case of reality star and dance stronger Abby lee miller. Don't raise your kid to be a sneak. Reporter: Versus "Dance mom's" Kelly highland. Her attorney tells ABC news a judge ordered highland for now to stay away from miller, meaning no talking and no tweeting. TMZ cameras catching the outspoken dance teacher as she left court. She pulls up in a fancy car waltzing in with the attorney. She plays the dumb blond thing. Reporter: According to a complaint 42-year-old highlapd, the mother of two girls both dancers on the show, was accused by miller of assault and harassment which highland was later charged with and employeded not guilty. The incident occurred last November during a taping of the popular lifetime reality show. I have to stand by what I believe in and I believe that justice -- Is going to be serve sfwhd well, yes. Reporter: In the complaint, miller claims that highland struck miller with her hand causing bruising to her cheek and that highland pulled miller's hair causing substantial pain which reportedly led to highland's arrest. Apparently Abby was bringing in other girls to highlight other dancers on the show and Kelly, being one of the stage moms on the show, it got a little heated. Reporter: But highland's attorney tells a different story. Miss miller's extremely aggressive and extremely curt in her words and hasn't gone to the physical end until recently. Reporter: In the show's fourth season "Dance moms" will show they're not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the loud mouth leader to make sure their daughters all shine on stage. Miller also made some stunning allegations to reporters outside of court saying she brought highland to court for the well-being of high pdz land's children whoa she claims are in danger under their pore's care. They're expected back in court on March 10th.

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{"id":21634867,"title":"'Dance Moms' Star Charged With Assault","duration":"3:00","description":"One mother on the popular reality show has been ordered to stay away from the dance coach.","url":"/GMA/video/dance-moms-star-kelly-hyland-charged-assault-coach-21634867","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}