Andy Dick on 'DWTS' Judge Inaba's Low Score

Comedian joins partner Sharna Burgess in discussing their time on "Dancing With the Stars."
3:23 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Andy Dick on 'DWTS' Judge Inaba's Low Score
Josh, all right, on "dancing with the stars," andy dick's time in the ballroom has come to an end sadly. Here's a look at that moment of truth. On this seventh week the couple with the lowest viewer points and therefore leaving right now is -- andy and sharna. I was so sad to hear about it. I know everybody was. Just so much fun to watch and we're joined now by andy and his partner sharna burgess live in l.A. Very early this morning. Andy, I want to start with you. First of all, thank you for entertaining all of us. It was really fun to watch you. You tweeted after your low scores on monday that you were sad. Did know your time was up? Well, we thought maybe with those low scores our timeht be up, but we had such a strong fan base we thought we were going to maybe get another week which, of course, we didn't. Yeah. I know, but still to make it as far as you did, andy, and i know you've said that it has revitalized your life and even revitalized a lot of our lives with your spirit. I want to ask your partner right there. You got emotional in talking about -- I know it was your first season on "dancing with the stars." What surprised you most about andy? S the depth to him and I think how quickly I became so close to him. He's just such an incredible soul and a lovable person to his core and this has been the most memorable experience I could have ever wished for, I think, for a first season as pro and just had a wonderful season but found a best friend and I don't think I expected that. Andy, well did see your heart all season long. It was so terrific to see. We also saw a little bit of your anger. Still like you're carrying that. You know, we tweeted it out last night. Carrie ann and I both tweeted our love for each other. On a lighter note, two of your children are in the audience last night, andy, and we have a special message for you. Take a look. I love you so much, daddy. We love you so much, daddy. You did really good. For a nondancer. On a dance show. Dancing. And that doesn't mean you should stop dancing. Keep it up. You can dance for us. Whoo. Team dick, team dick. Team dick. A great sense of humor. A quick reminder. Can we play those clip, andy's greatest moments? Do we have those? Yes. Here we go. Oh. That would be nice. Don't get mad at me if you fall in love with me. Oh. Ole! I thi I don't drink anymore but I i carry around a six-pack. Show a man whatever happens you'll go out of it a hero. Well done. Indeed, andy dick, sharna, we thank you both so much. Congratulations. Congratulations on everything and we wish you all the best. Thank you. Thanks.

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{"id":19082258,"title":"Andy Dick on 'DWTS' Judge Inaba's Low Score","duration":"3:23","description":"Comedian joins partner Sharna Burgess in discussing their time on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-week-results-andy-dick-booted-discusses-19082258","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}