Daniel Craig Tired of Playing James Bond

ABC News' Amy Robach reports the latest stories in "GMA" Speed Feed.
1:54 | 10/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daniel Craig Tired of Playing James Bond
"The speed feed" and Daniel Craig, is he really over playing James bond? I think you'll know the answer after watching this with nick watt. Reporter: Critics are already drooling over "Spectre" but the brooding hunk rocking that tux seems double 0 doubt the. The Daniel Craig pout -- do you know what I'm talking about. I don't really know. Shaken or stirred. I don't give a damn. Reporter: He seems shaken and stirred? Do me a little pout like when he rolls over -- I think you need to move on. So what's going on, James? They say you're finished. Reporter: Asked by time-out London if he'll do another bond, now? I'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists. Follow up question do you care who plays bond after you. I don't really give a , quite frankly, so if you're asking me a comment on it, I don't care as long as they don't . Reporter: Shoot first, ask questions later. I don't stop to think about it. Reporter: Rumor has it Sony execs want him to cool it on the trash talk getting all "M" on im. Sony had to comment though he said this to Jonathan Ross. I get to the end of this and I'm like the last thing I want to think about is doing another bond movie. But you are doing one more. I don't know. Reporter: For a rumored 60 million bucks, I'll do it. I'll even wear those powder blue trunks they made you wear in "Casino royal." For "Good morning America," ABC news, Los Angeles. So nick is in the ring. Tell us what you really think. I mean I didn't know that $60 million could make you that angry. It's interesting, right? Being James bond one of the coolest roles out there. Not if you have to pout. Just don't ask him to pout. Holy moley.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"ABC News' Amy Robach reports the latest stories in \"GMA\" Speed Feed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34675132","title":"Daniel Craig Tired of Playing James Bond","url":"/GMA/video/daniel-craig-tired-playing-james-bond-34675132"}