David Beckham on Family, Fashion and His Future in Acting

The soccer superstar speaks out on his plan to put his acting skills to the test as he gets ready to star in a new short film.
3:58 | 09/18/15

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Transcript for David Beckham on Family, Fashion and His Future in Acting
robin. We started with Amy's exclusive interview with Victoria Beckham and what a better way to end it than with her equally talented husband David Beckham. Retired soccer superstar now testing his acting skills if a short film. "Nightline" anchor juju Chang got the assignment of a lifetime. Hardship duty. You know, his new film project is so cool directed by Liv Tyler and he was truly intimidated. Can you imagine superstar heartthrob David Beckham says he was nervous to try something really different which may be exactly why he took the challenge. David. Reporter: He's one of the famous faces on the planet. Soccer star turned model turned business mogul turned outlaw? Action. Reporter: Yes, that's David Beckham starring as the motorcycle driving leather clad mysterious stranger in fashion brand "Belstaff" film outlaws. The latest collaboration between Beckham and the company. You have to disappear as an outlaw. What was that like. That's what was great about my part in this. I don't speak in it. I'm just kind of there. I'm the face and I'm part of this crazy circus that's going on around me. I ride bikes, I wear these kind of clothes, you know, it's not a forced thing. It's not something where I got to do a campaign. I have to wear these clothes, I don't like them. These are clothes I've kind of had some kind of involvement with, you know, creating. What we created I love. Reporter: You're also getting to flex your acting muscles. It's a line in my theme song, which has been there all seven seasons but now we're pulling that line out and letting peeopl- - now you say likeit. You know, if you looks too big in those jeans and your girl asks you, Sa girl. Ah ye . Aoure yry ttog Elin tle M someg?thin Ou Y'reot N wearing anjes. I was like are you trying to say -- Robin! Seventh season alsoha rkllma at types where I can now take just a little bit of time from my life to do other th iings'mer intested in. You did comedy this summer. Iff O a 16-city comedy tour.o what she does is incredible. Reporter: And both are fiercely dedicated to their children. It must be hard parenting in the public spotlight. Yeah. All the scrutiny that you get all the time. It is. But, you know, we protect our kids from that. They have their social media campaigns. How do you balance all that? It's hard because our 16-year-old Brooklyn has like 4 million instagram followers. We control everything he posts. Everything that he does and it's the same with our other kids. What are the Beckham house rules. I'm not so good at the rules with the kids especially with my little girl. My wife is definitely the strict, strict one in the house. Just the other day my daughter actually was in the kitchen and she turned around to my wife and was like can I have another ice cream and my wife was like no, you had one ice cream so she swivelled around and said, daddy, I love you so much, can I have another ice cream? And I was like, I looked the Victoria and she said -- she was like don't even think about it and I looked at her and was like, just one more. So I was in the doghouse for a few days. So sweet. Can you imagine him in the doghouse. I can't imagine. The upcoming week is a big one for Mr. Beckham. In addition to "The outlaws" premieres Monday and available online V via belstaff and he'll be speaking at the U.N. And next to his kids it's a project he feels most strongly about. That was a fantastic interview. Thank you. It was fun. Rob with a final look at the

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The soccer superstar speaks out on his plan to put his acting skills to the test as he gets ready to star in a new short film. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33856687","title":"David Beckham on Family, Fashion and His Future in Acting ","url":"/GMA/video/david-beckham-family-fashion-future-acting-33856687"}