CIA Director Gen. Petraeus Regrets Affair

George Stephanopoulos talks to Col. Steve Boylan about the general's explanation of the affair.
3:00 | 11/12/12

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Transcript for CIA Director Gen. Petraeus Regrets Affair
on a planned vacation for the next several days. George. We're joined by a close friend of general petraeus for several years. Has been in contact with the general all weekend. I spoke to him before he left for a parade in kansas and began by asking how the general explained the affair? Well, I've spoken to him several times over the weekend, and since it broke, as you mentioned, he, first of all, deeply regrets and knows how much pain this has caused his family. He had a huge job that he felt he was doing great work. And that is all gone now. This all started about two months after he was in the cia, as the director. And just so you know, it also ended about four months ago. You say it started as he began as cia director. But it was pretty clear that ms. Broadwell was with the general in afghanistan on several trips. While he was commanding american forces in afghanistan. No relationship then? There was no relationship then, as far as an affair. The affair started after he had been in the cia, after he returned from the army. She took several trips to afghanistan probably over the length of his tour there, it was approximately five or six trips, each of about several weeks in length. That she was doing research for her book. In fact, he wasn't keenly aware that she was actually doing a book, until after she had been there a couple times. Up until this point, she initially started a dissertation on leadership when he was with the 101st airborne, when he was a division commander. So this kind of evolved over time. And for most of the times she was actually in afghanistan, my understanding is she was out in the field with the troops. I knew the news of this shocked you. You were so close and have been so close to general petraeus for so long. And the whole story seems so at odds with the discipline that general petraeus has displayed in his entire life. How do you explain it? This was poor judgment on his part. It was a colossal mistake. He knows that, he's acknowledged that. It happened, he brought it out and took responsibility that it happened. And now he and his family is going to try to move forward and pass this. How is mrs. Petraeus? Well, as you can imagine, she's not exactly pleased right now. I -- you know, conversation with david petraeus this weekend, he said that furious would be an underestimate. And I think anyone that's been put in that situation would probably agree. This was -- he deeply hurt the family. Colonel, thanks for coming on this morning.

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{"id":17696369,"title":"CIA Director Gen. Petraeus Regrets Affair","duration":"3:00","description":"George Stephanopoulos talks to Col. Steve Boylan about the general's explanation of the affair.","url":"/GMA/video/david-petraeus-paula-broadwell-affair-scandal-cia-director-17696369","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}