Deadly Tornadoes Tear Across the South

Dozens of tornadoes touched down across the South, killing at least seven people.
5:31 | 12/24/15

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Transcript for Deadly Tornadoes Tear Across the South
It will be a difficult Christmas for many families in the south with severe weather devastating the region including several reported tornadoes. There's a look at the destruction and ABC's Phillip Mena starts us off in hard hit holly springs, Mississippi. Good morning, Phillip. Reporter: Good morning, Lara. Yeah, just pure devastation here. Take a look at what that massive tornado did to this home. The roof completely blown off. Furniture everywhere including all over the front yard and take a look at that car. Severely damaged. One of many homes across the region destroyed by deadly tornadoes. Still coming right at us. It's a big tornado in front of us. Reporter: Tornadoes taking aim and tearing through Mississippi. Back it up. No, you ain't got time to turn around. Reporter: This incredible image, winds taking control and sending this tractor trailer out of control. Knocking the semi to its side. Drivers terrified as the frontal clouds begin touching down. Oh, wow. Looks like there's two. Watch as these two twisters become one massive tornado. At least 24 reported tornadoes touching down across six states. Monster tornado heading toward holly springs. Reporter: Holly springs hit hard. It hit. They've already got emergency folks out here. Reporter: Parts of the down decima decimated. Two dead including a 7-year-old boy. 15 sent to the hospital. More than 40 people across the state injured. This motor home picked up and tossed onto a building. In the town of clarksdale, families evacuating taking shelter with neighbors. We in it but we made it. Reporter: Their house torn to pieces. The roof ripped right off, but somehow their Christmas tree still stands. Back here in holly springs residents are waiting for daylight. They will then spend this Christmas eve is sesing the Truex tent of the damage done to this town. Dan. Phillip, thank you. Joining us now Kelvin buck, the mayor of holly springs, Mississippi. Mr. Mayor, good morning. Good morning to you. We've got some video of the tornado bearing down on your small city. How bad is the damage as the sun starts to rise there? What are you seeing? I'm seeing devastation that I haven't seen. I've never been in a situation where a tornado has come this close and been this devastating to a community. I'm really getting my first look at some of the devastation this morning. I'm just not believing what I'm seeing. Are we talking about neighborhoods where entire homes have been destroyed? We're talking about a community that's been devastated. Homes that have been flattened. I mean, vehicles, I mean, I just -- it's really very difficult to describe. I mean, you can see these kinds of things on television but when you come to them face-to-face where people are in the community that you actually know and see the devastation that they are going through right now, it is pretty tough to see. I'm sure it is. We know you lost a 7-year-old boy and in a city of your size, I believe under 8,000 people total, what kind of impact does a loss like that have? It's very, very devastating. People here are very close. We know each other. We speak to each other. We ride around in the same community, walk around in the same community so when we have something this traumatic happen, whether it's a death like in the case of this young person or the devastation to the homes of all of these people right here on Christmas eve, it's very, very hard to deal with, but, you know, we'll pull through. We ask that the people pray for our community and the people here. And on this Christmas eve, do you believe that your city can recover. Of course, we'll be able to recover. We had an out. Pouring of support from surrounding towns when they came in yesterday to kind of assist our emergency staff. We still have some more searching and work to do this morning as soon as daylight hits but we'll pull through this and we'll be just as strong as we've ever been. Mr. Mayor, we thank you for your time and all of us here are thinking about you and the members of your community and wishing you the happiest Christmas possible under the circumstances. Thank you again. Thank you. Thank you. Great positive attitude. They have a lot of work in front of them. Absolutely. We do want to get to rob. The severe weather not over this morning. Rob, this seems very unusual for this time of year. It is this far north. Tornadoes and tornado outbreaks but typically further south. 24 reported tornadoes and even in Illinois and Indiana. Only two reports of tornadoes in India in the last years. Parts of Georgia, even a couple of confirmed tornadoes around dothan. All of this in response to some of that warmth pumping up the east coast. We'll see dozens fall. 69 in Boston. A record in New York City, near 70 and tomorrow for Christmas day, yeah, a front comes through but it's not very strong. Temperatures only cooling a few degrees so those wishing for a warm winter so far, guys, you got it. Yeah. Yes. I'll say. The weather ranging from dangerous to bizarre, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Dozens of tornadoes touched down across the South, killing at least seven people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35939051","title":"Deadly Tornadoes Tear Across the South","url":"/GMA/video/deadly-tornadoes-tear-south-35939051"}