Deborah Norville Opens Up About Friendship With Joan Rivers

"Inside Edition" anchor honored the comedy legend in a special eulogy at the star-studded memorial service.
2:53 | 09/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deborah Norville Opens Up About Friendship With Joan Rivers
Now to Joan rivers' star-studded memorial on Sunday here if New York City. So many celebrities coming out. Her friends, to celebrate the comedy legend. We're delighted to welcome one of Joan's dearest friends, Deborah Norville, you know her as the anchor of "Inside edition" who gave a special eulogy. She would have been pleased? She would have loved it. It was classic Joan. There were funny moments. There were poignant moments. There was the New York City gay men's chorus singing. The police bagpipe band. In between, you had Audra McDonald and Hugh Jackman. When the service was over, we came out. You see all these famous people that were there. Who were her friends. It was invitation only. There were 1,000 people inside the temple. When you came out of the temple there were as far as you could see, up and down fifth avenue, her friends. Her fans. People wishing her well. And celebrating her life. And, there were smiles. And it's an unhappy thing to say good-bye. By boy, people celebrated her life. You did with your words. What did you want to convey? The depth of my friendship. Joan and I were friends for close to 25 years. The kind of woman people didn't know. They knew the woman who said outrageous, jaw-dropping things on television and on station. The woman I knew was hilariously funny. An incredible practical joker. She was kind to the core and there through thick and thin. People were there, of course, to say good-bye. But to embrace Melissa. How is she? She's amazing. She's incredibly strong. She's so much like her mother. Wicked funny. She got up there and read a letter she had written to her mother a few months ago. It was hilarious. She's been incredible. I wanted to salute Melissa in my remarks. I believe friends are the family you choose. And Joan chose me as her friend. Which means I'm Melissa's family. I wanted Melissa to know her mom's friends are her friends. We're there for her. She gave us the gift of being able to be with Joan. When we knew that the skroen we loved was not coming back, Melissa allowed a few of us to come and hold her hand and tell some stories and say good-bye. The hospital when she was this a coma. Before she passed. Didn't you make a channel to people there. Ye, I did. Joan lived for laughter. I said to everybody in the temple, I said, let's keep Joan laughing. Let's make the Joan rivers challenge, #joanriverschallenge. Do something, say something. Put your dog in the swing. Throw it up on Facebook. With Joan rivers challenge. Let's keep people laughing. She said you you would get through anything laughing. With a smile. George? I love that challenge. We're going the move to the

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"\"Inside Edition\" anchor honored the comedy legend in a special eulogy at the star-studded memorial service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25344815","title":"Deborah Norville Opens Up About Friendship With Joan Rivers","url":"/GMA/video/deborah-norville-interview-2014-anchor-opens-friendship-joan-25344815"}