Defense Forensic Expert Backs Pistorius' Story

Pistorius was once again emotional in the gallery as his defense team calls their own forensic expert.
4:18 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for Defense Forensic Expert Backs Pistorius' Story
First, the latest on the trial of Oscar Pistorius. The forensic expert for the defense, backing up Pistorius' account on what happened on the night he killed his girlfriend. ABC's lama Hasan is covering it all from the courthouse there in Pretoria, South Africa. Good morning, lama. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. This morning, forensics returning to the courthouse behind me. As for Oscar Pistorius, he's back in the gallery. And again, he's emotional. Oscar Pistorius no longer on the stand. Head down, retching again, when learning how his model girlfriend was firing bullets in the bathroom door. The defense calling roger Dixon. He contradicted the state saying their investigators are wrong. And steenkamp was not facing the door. The person was not facing straight on. Then, sound so critical to this case. The defense trying to back up the blade runner's account that he fired at the door and afterwards tried to break it down. First, the cricket bat. Then, the gunshots. They sound similar. Earlier, witnesses testifying to hearing screams and then gunshots. The defense hoping audio recordings demonstrate they may have confused gunshots with the cricket bat and Pistorius screaming. But the lead prosecutor, discrediting Dixon's expertise because he is a forensic geeologist, meaning he is an expert of materials of the Earth, not of sound. Are you a sound expert, sir? Reporter: Gerrie nel trying not to concede an inch off the pouncing of inconsist statements of Pistorius. Like how he warned ree ed reeva. Did you whisper? I didn't whisper, my lady. Reporter: To the moment he fired. Pistorius calling it an accident. Then, later saying. The first thing that ran through my mind. I needed to arm myself. That I needed to protect reeva and I. Reporter: Now, the attorney and forensics to prove Pistorius' story. There is a two-week recess. Advising the state and the defense to use this time wisely to pore over the 2,000 majs generated in this case, saying that's exactly what she's going to be doing. Robin? Thank you, lama. Dan Abrams is here with more on this. We've seen the prosecutor going after the expert. And not so much. The defense may have been trying to do too much with this guy. This guy became an all-purpose expert. And the prosecution said, how are you an expert on this or that? One of the crucial points that lama was talking about, was where was reeva standing? If she was facing the door, that would suggest there was an argument going on, which is what the prosecutor is saying. The defense is trying to suggest, she was maybe bending over, maybe listening, but not facing the door. And without a credible expert on their side, that's a real problem for them. Would the expert be able to say it was dark in the room? Yeah. Maybe he couldn't have seen where she was, yeah. But that's not going to be particularly helpful. What is the strategy of the defense going forward? We know they're going to call a couple more forensic experts, ballistic experts in particular, about the angle of the bullets, et cetera. They're going to need something here. Oscar Pistorius on the witness stand was okay. But there were real problems in his testimony. I think they're going to need something like another neighbor, who offers a different kind of account than the ones we heard from the neighbors who already testified. I think the defense is going to need something more than discredited experts to come in and testify. They're going to have a two-week break coming up tomorrow. The prosecution asked for -- the defense didn't have much of an objection to it. Ordinarily they might in a case like this. Not here. We turn to the disturbing

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{"id":23343022,"title":"Defense Forensic Expert Backs Pistorius' Story","duration":"4:18","description":"Pistorius was once again emotional in the gallery as his defense team calls their own forensic expert.","url":"/GMA/video/defense-forensic-expert-backs-pistorius-story-23343022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}