Denzel Washington on Oscar Buzz Surrounding New Flick

Academy-award winning actor describes playing a pilot caught up in a disaster in "Flight."
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Denzel Washington on Oscar Buzz Surrounding New Flick
We want to get, now, to the man of the hour. He braved sandy, actually, to talk to us. He's won academy awards for "glory" and "training day." We're talking about denzel washington. He could be up for oscar number three for his role in the movie "flight." He plays a pilot caught in an airline disaster. I was able to sit down and talk with him about everything from the film to how he makes his almost 30-year marriage work. Take a look. We've flown together before? Reporter: When we meet pilot william whitaker, he's preparing for takeoff. How are you feeling today, sir? A little tired. Reporter: But something's obviously not right. And what happens next is something we all fear. The plane falls from the sky. Oh, lord. We're going under 7,000. Reporter: Sheer white-knuckle terror. The film is "flight." And this is denzel washington at his finest. The first 15 minutes, terrifying. You think, I'm in an action movie. This is unbelievable. And then, the movie takes a turn. What drew you to the script? It's just good material. Those very things. The complexity of it. It's not your everyday action or drama. It's unique. It's a very good story. And obviously, a brilliant director. Reporter: Directed by robert zemeckis, his first live-action film since "castaway" in 2000. It is the story of a pilot that wrestles a plane to safety. But finds himself in hot water when it's discovered he had alcohol in his system. Your character, is he a hero? Is he a villain? Is he both? Does he have to be one or the other? He's human. Reporter: A lot is about addiction. How did you know how to pursue that role and that character? And how do you deal with addiction? I didn't try to play a drunk, in certain scenes. He thinks he's holding it together. We've all seen that. That's the saddest thing when you see someone who really thinks they got it together. And they don't. Reporter: The biggest story to come out of that this year, of course, was whitney houston and her final days. You worked with whitney houston in "preacher's wife." How did her death touch you? Deeply. And it's just sad to me because she's really just such a sweet girl. So much potential. And she got caught up in a vicious cycle and just couldn't win. Reporter: You have one of the most successful marriages in hollywood, as well. 30 years? Am I close? 30 in june. Reporter: What's your best tip for a long and happy marriage? You have to work at it. I've been blessed with a beautiful and loving wife. I'm going to fight to get the ntsb to get act of god as one of the probable causes. Whose god would do this? Reporter: Made over 45 days and $35 million, a shoe string budget by hollywood's standards. And it packs a punch. Is there something you hope people walk away with when they watch this movie? I think there's something that touches everyone. There's an uncle, a cousin, or yourself. There's always one in the family. And you know, it affects us all.

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{"id":17615855,"title":"Denzel Washington on Oscar Buzz Surrounding New Flick","duration":"3:00","description":"Academy-award winning actor describes playing a pilot caught up in a disaster in \"Flight.\"","url":"/GMA/video/denzel-washington-interview-2012-movie-flight-oscar-buzz-17615855","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}