Design Changes Aim to Provide High Heel-Wearers More Comfort

Podiatrists are also getting involved to try and help unite style and comfort.
4:25 | 08/01/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Design Changes Aim to Provide High Heel-Wearers More Comfort
We're back now with our high heel revolution. We are on a mission, ply friends to find a pair of killer heels that will not kill your feet. ABC's Becky Worley coming to the rescue breaking down the science behind your stilettos and how to be stylish without the pain. ? Reporter: Shoe shopping has changed. More wedges and flats but that doesn't mean the stiletto is dead. To me traditional high fashion women choose shoes that are abusive and women are realizing that and say, no, I don't want to hurt. Reporter: Shoemakers like podiatrists Joan olaf are creating lines with modern design and technology. One trick to make shoes more comfortable reduce the angle? Whereas in a traditional heel all of the weight is on the ball of your foot in my heels your weight is evenly distributed throughout your foot. Reporter: Here the that decisional heel and olaff on the right. The stores are contracting so no pressure on the ball of the foot, the met tatarsal is stable. Reporter: To feel the difference I devise a comparison. Standard 4-inch even an one of Dr. Oloff's four-inch heels on my left. I'll do one lap around the track and see if there is any difference in the way my feet feel afterwards. The conventional four-inch heel didn't even make half a lap. Oh, man. Right foot, the conventional pump is killing me. I'm pretty sure I already have a blister. These oloff flatfors were way more comfortable. Good news in the three-inch heel category too. So-called comfort shoes have gotten more fashionable. This is a cult favor, the corso como and from rockport these are nice and have so much padding, in fact, I love power tools. If I cut open a comfort shoe like this rockport and compare it to a standard pr of heels I can't even bend that. Look at the comfort shoe there's so much more foam and then this feels like an athletic sole. Look at how flexible that is. I was so impressed that I took these comfort heels from nature naturalizer and decided to get extreme. A quarter mile running in three-inch heels and business attire. It was a little confusing for the other runners but the results were astonishing. That's kind of incredible. My feet do not hurt. Wow! That said I want my running shoes next time I hit the track. Whoo! Wonderful. That was awesome. I mean continuing our theme this is important to women. This is our feet every day. I have a quiz for you. I have three fellow shoe lovers with me here. Right. Which one of those three including the ones I'm wearing here, which ones are the comfort shoes? Are the comfort shoes? Cue the "Vogue" music. They're all very, very stylish. I don't -- which ones aren't? You're right. It's a trick question. All of these are either comfort shoes or made by podiatrists. These are Mary Ann park shoe, a podiatrist on the high end and we go all the way -- Joan oloff. Those are really beautiful. I didn't get a pedicure. Stay away. We have the corso como. They're padded actually when you step you can feel a cushion. Those are in the hundred dollar range and rockports and -- The pillow. There is like a pillow on my foot. Like a pillow like you're sleeping on your foot. Ginger, you're the expert backwards in high heels girl. How important is high heel comfort. When you're dancing there is nothing that hurts more than your feet so anything that could be cushioning it I would take in a heartbeat. Your feet took a beating. Yeah, yeah. So let's go back six months and have me put these on. Now I know, thanks a lot, Becky. You used to think if you did this you would have to sacrifice fashion but you can see from all these different -- Comfy shoes are fashionable and fashionable shoes are getting more comfy. Uh-huh. Right, ladies. Thank you. Don't run around the track. I'm off.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Podiatrists are also getting involved to try and help unite style and comfort.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41036630","title":"Design Changes Aim to Provide High Heel-Wearers More Comfort","url":"/GMA/video/design-aim-provide-high-heel-wearers-comfort-41036630"}