Designer L'Wren Scott Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

An inside look at the high-pressure world of celebrity fashion.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Designer L'Wren Scott Found Dead in Apparent Suicide
we want to take another look inside the high pressure world of celebrity fashion after the tragic death of one of its brightest designers l'wren Scott who rose from model to in demand stylist to some of Hollywood's hottest stars and Deborah Roberts is here with that. Good morning, robin. It is such a shocker because her chic creations are hang manager boutiques all over the world and this morning the big question, what went so terribly wrong for the 49-year-old designer? She was a towering phenom in the fashion world. L'wren Scott. It's easy. L'wren Scott. And Cartier. Reporter: A former model turned designer who dressed a-listers like Sarah Jessica parker, Sandra bullock and Michelle Obama and known for the headmistress dress. It was a dress for a career woman, a commanding presence and women loved it. Everybody in fashion knew L'wr l'wren. She was one of the chicest people I never met. A style icon and I don't use that term loosely. Reporter: Her sudden death sending shock waves throughout Hollywood and the fashion world. Banana republic which recently partnered with Scott saying it is stunned and saddened and "Vogue's" Anna wintour calling her unbelievably generous, gracious kind and so much fun. I think her loss is just so huge. You know, when you have people like Madonna and, you know, Nicole kidman in mourning, that really says a lot. Reporter: Scott's death also putting a sobering spotlight on the high pressure of high fashion. A world so different from the one in which she grew up, adopted by Mormon parents and raised in Utah where she was known as lewann. Everyone loved her and said she had old world manners and charm. Reporter: After years of modeling Scott began dating Mick jagger in 2001 and founded her labor in 2006. Just last month an embarrassing setback. Her show at London fashion week was canceled at the last minute reportedly due to production delays and the fashion queen was reportedly nearly $6 million in debt. These pressures I guess mount on people and in this facade of elegance and having it all, there obviously was something behind the mask, something behind the smiling face. Reporter: Scott was obviously in the midst of building an empire having recently launched a makeup line and, of course, though her name is now associated with tragedy, clearly l'wren Scott left a mark on the fashion industry that won't soon be forgotten. No, will not. So sad. People are really reaching out and letting her know what they felt. You never know. We'll turn now to switching gears.

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{"id":22953226,"title":"Designer L'Wren Scott Found Dead in Apparent Suicide","duration":"3:00","description":"An inside look at the high-pressure world of celebrity fashion.","url":"/GMA/video/designer-lwren-scott-found-dead-apparent-suicide-22953226","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}