Woman Battling Against Ex for Frozen Embryos Speaks Out

Mimi Lee talks to ABC News' Amy Robach about her legal battle with her ex over the fate of their embryos.
3:55 | 08/06/15

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Transcript for Woman Battling Against Ex for Frozen Embryos Speaks Out
We're back now with an ABC exclusive, that California doctor in a legal battle to keep frozen embryos after a bitter divorce and, Amy, we see you with her there. You sat down with her. Her ex wants them destroyed. She says it's her only chance to have kids. It is emotionally wrenching, George. There are nearly 1 million frozen embryos in preservation across this country. But this is a case that could set precedent for families everywhere and now it is in the hands of a judge and I sat down with the woman at the center of it all. I'm doing this for my babies. Reporter: This morning a two-year legal battle pitting Mimi lee against her husband Stephen Findley, a couple whose romance spanned over two decades marrying in 2010. We met as students at Harvard college. He proposes and right before your marriage is set to take place you get the worst news possible. Ten days before the wedding I got the diagnosis that I had breast cancer. Reporter: How important was it to you at that moment to preserve your ability to procreate? It was critically important. We realized the risks. I would be injecting myself with the very hormone that my tumor feeds on and even with all of those risks we knew that this was our last best chance. Reporter: The then 41-year-old deciding along with her husband to create and preserve five embryos, but by 2013, their marriage unraveled, Findley filing for divorce. Tell me about the concept form that you signed. The focus is on that one line that says, in the case of divorce, the embryos would be unfrozen and discarded. That's right. Reporter: That signed consent form a leading silent witness at the trial now determining what should happen to the embryos. Findley asking the court to enforce it as a legally binding contract. It's still an agreement. Agreement is in this document at least 27 times. Reporter: And order the embryos destroyed. Findley also testifying his concern that his ex-wife would manipulate the situation to extract money for other purposes, a claim which lee denies. On the opposing side lee's argument that seeping the concept for does not prevent her from changing her mind. Pleading for the preservation of the embryos, the now 46-year-old says are her last chance to have children. I have biological children ready to come to life. She's got a powerful and compelling moral argument, but because she signed that document, she's in a tough spot legally. You've made it very clear you do not expect Stephen to be a part of these children's lives physically, logistically and more specifically financially. Correct. Correct. Your ex-husband's lawyer said it's not that Stephen doesn't want to have children, he just doesn't want to have children with Mimi. Those are hard words to hear from anybody. What was it like being this the courtroom after all you had been through together? I think it was the hardest thing I've ever done. I stayed focused on my babies and knowing that I'm their mom and I would do anything for them. And that really got me through. Now the judge in this case will issue her ruling in the next 120 days. I asked Mimi if she's prepared for a verdict that is not in her favor and said she is. That she is devoted and dedicated to seeing these embryos to life and will continue to fight for custody of them. You can see much more of my interview with Mimi on "Nightline" tonight. Wow. Such a moral compelling conundrum. You feel for both parties. Absolutely.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Mimi Lee talks to ABC News' Amy Robach about her legal battle with her ex over the fate of their embryos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32917079","title":"Woman Battling Against Ex for Frozen Embryos Speaks Out","url":"/GMA/video/divorced-couple-battles-fate-frozen-embryos-32917079"}