Donald Trump Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa

The presidential candidate answered voter questions at his latest campaign event.
4:52 | 12/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Trump Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa
A fascinating new dynamic shipping up in what has been to say least a lively republican race for president. Political theater at its finest. We haven't seen much of this. In Iowa, fielding questions from the voters. It was there that he spent much of his time taking on the man who has now emerged as his numero uno opponent in the key state. Ted Cruz. The attacks not as over the top as we have seen in the past. Out to Mary Bruce this morning. Hi, Mary. Reporter: Hi, Paula. Good morning. It was a night of firsts here for Donald Trump. His first ever town hall in des Moines. For the first time, took direct aim at Ted Cruz. What a nice job. Thank you. Reporter: This morning, Donald Trump is soaring in the polls. And drawing new battle lines in the republican race. It's not a contest between the two of us just so we understand. Everything I say, he agrees with me. Noer what I say. I do like Ted Cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba. Oil pays him a lot of money. He's got the be for oil rg right? The oil companies give him a lot of money. But I'm with you. I'm with everybody. Reporter: The Texas senator is gaining on trump in Iowa, where corn is king. If Ted Cruz is against ethanol, how does he win in Iowa? Because that's very anti-iowa. I don't know how he wins in Iowa. I don't know. Reporter: This farmer tells us, Cruz won't cut it here 37. If anybody else gets E elected, it will be a disaster. I don't think anybody else can do it but him. Reporter: You think it's trump or bust? That's what I think. Reporter: Trump says he'll take care of his chief rival. Will you name him your vice president, or -- or -- He's a good guy. He is a good guy. I would say we would certainly have things in mind for Ted. Reporter: Earlier, at a lunch in New York, trump took more heat for his call to ban muslims from coming into the U.S. Reporter: A clear majority of Americans oppose the requested. Likely primary republican voters are split. Right now, I have no problem with that. I like the idea. I wish he would focus more on problems with Tim gags system in general. Reporter: Now, with 51 days to the Iowa caucuses, trump promised he'll spend a lot more time here. Joking everyone will be sick of him by then. In typical trump fashion, he says if he doesn't win here, this whole thing will have been a big waste of his time. That sounds like a trumpism. Let's get more from Matt dowd who is joining us from Austin, Texas, this morning. Matt, good morning. Good morning, Dan. Given the vigor are which trump has attacked his other rifles in the past, it seems to me like he's handling Ted Cruz with kid gloves. What gives here? I think it's a couple of things. First, I don't underestimate Donald Trump's ability to slow ramp up to a high burn. So get prepared. It may get hotter later on. Two, there's a big overlap between trump voters and Ted Cruz voters. Think Donald Trump who is very smart about politics, is aware of that. The third thing is Ted Cruz, though he's said a few things, has gone out of his way to bear-hug Donald Trump. Trump is looking to make a contrast. Republican party leaders appear to be very worried right now about the convention this summer. Usually, conventions are coronatio coronations. There's talk of a brokered or contested convention. I think it's bettor call it a contested convention. The time of brokers are gone. What that means is no person gathers enough delegates before the con vens is held to have a majority. The number is 1236 delegates. Nobody gets enough because of how the system works before mid March. I think there is some fear, and some expectation by some, that that may be the case. I think it's a small chance. But it's an increased chance that we're going to see this. And at point is, Dan, nobody knows what would happen in the midst of that if nobody goes into the convention with majority of the delegates. It would be history and a full employment act for guys like Matt dowd sflp we would love it. We would love it. It would be an interesting week. A reminder, on the other side of the race right now, one week from tonight, watch the new Hampshire democratic debate, "Your voice, your vote" right here on ABC. If we're not talking about poll nix this country.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The presidential candidate answered voter questions at his latest campaign event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35730560","title":"Donald Trump Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Des Moines, Iowa","url":"/GMA/video/donald-trump-hosts-town-hall-meeting-des-moines-35730560"}