Drew Barrymore on Motherhood: 'It's A Ride'

The actress talks about her daughter, being pregnant and her latest film with Adam Sandler.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Barrymore on Motherhood: 'It's A Ride'
been to be more than one drew barrymore. She's a new mom with another baby on the way. She's heading back to the big screen and she has just released a very personal book of her photographs called "find it in everything." Amy robach, very busy today. She caught up with drew to talk about everything. Reporter:38-year-old drew barrymore says she has embraced the role of a lifetime, motherhood. How are you holding uppy. I'm tired but it's the best ride I've ever been on. Reporter: Like days chasing 18 million dollar olive nesting while she awaits baby girl number two this spring and cooking school. I am not good but I love it so much. Reporter: Her latest endeavor, a new photography book featured on ad campaigns. This week she releases "find it in everything." Hearts, a shape that inspired her for almost 30 years. Reporter: I started finding hearts in things whether it was like a tree I was passing, a straw wrapper on the ground, i think the heart has one continuous line which is also very powerful in a world in our life that moves so fast. Photography just makes the sound go out and it makes you stop and take a pause. Movies don't do that. Photography calms me. Reporter: Is there a connection to the "e.T.," The heart life? When I was righting the foreword decided to include that I was having an epiphany at that point that maybe something about the "e.T." Heart might have subconsciously influenced me. It was the message in the film that when everything was okay, his heart would light up. Reporter: In fact, hollywood's original wild child is a far cry from the drew barrymore we watched grow up after rocking to stardom so young. Do you look back at how you have come to where you are and think, how am I here? I love the wonderful, awkward journey that I've been on in my life. Reporter: It's a journey that included drug use, a suicide attempt and an emancipation decree from her parents at the age of 15. Anything you look back at and just kind of cringe? No, I'm glad whatever my upbringing was with my own family that was so untraditional and, you know, controversial at times that I'm so much about school and consistency and tradition. Reporter: Now drew is gearing up for the summer release of "blended," her third romantic comedy with adam sandler. We're out of gas. What? Start running fast. Aaagh. Reporter: Do you have a magic recipe with adam sandler? I think him and I do some of our best work together. Reporter: No longer the rebel barrymore settled into her role as earth mother and appreciating life's little moments. I love your tattoo. When did you get that? A few years ago. I just wasn't breathing enough. If you take a deep breath before you react to something, which I'm still trying to perfect it does catch up to you so i changed a lot about my life. So happy for drew. I bet you she played our game she would play by the rues. Fair play. Fair play. Her middle name. Amy will have much more with drew tonight on "nightline."

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The actress talks about her daughter, being pregnant and her latest film with Adam Sandler.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21525117","title":"Drew Barrymore on Motherhood: 'It's A Ride'","url":"/GMA/video/drew-barrymore-interview-2014-actress-calls-motherhood-ride-21525117"}