'DWTS': Inside Doug Flutie's Rehearsal

The former football player discusses his dance floor inspirations - his late parents, and Doug Jr., his son with autism -- plus Maks Chmerkovskiy is live.
5:39 | 04/11/16

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Transcript for 'DWTS': Inside Doug Flutie's Rehearsal
Now to a star on a mission, Doug flutie brought the ballroom to tears with his emotional waltz last week. Did you see it? Now he's back at it. Tonight's dance crucial to keeping him on the dance floor and Maks is going to join us in a moment with a big announcement. But first, Doug takes us behind the scenes. The country has fallen in love with former star quarterback and dad Doug flutie and his partner Karina smirnoff. This week, they're back at it. Rehearsal no laughing matter. To the left. It's not -- it's -- I think we have a old married couple relationship. He complains back. Tell me what hurts. I the tell him to keep quiet and keep doing it. Reporter: Last week, Doug waltzed into the hearts of Americans with a dance dedicated to his parents who had been married for 56 years when the unthinkable happened last year. Basically dad had been ill, only a matter of time. The morning he passed, I was on my way and I get a text from my sister, saying, they're working on mom and I didn't understand that one. I run in and mom had a heart attack after dad had passed and she passed away with within the hour. The only way to grasp it is to understand that it's a love story, that mom passed of a broken heart. At some point, she realizes I don't want to go without him. Reporter: Doug poured his own heart into the performance, overcome by emotion after. Just wanted to make my mom and dad proud. Reporter: He's dancing on the show for his son, Doug Jr., diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. We honestly believe that we given dougie because we're in a position to make a difference. Reporter: 18 years ago the fluties started the Doug flutie Jr. Foundation for autism and is now launching a new campaign. When it's all said and done will be the thing I'm most proud of. One of the things that I love about him, he has things in perspective. And Maks is joining us live from laern Los Angeles. Digging the hat. Thank you for getting up. The improvement in Doug from the first week to now and how does he stack up against the other two NFL players, Von and Antonio? I mean it seems like he's the underdog, right, he's got a bit of an edge in him, maybe less limber and stuff. But I kind of take him as a dark horse in this competition. He's extremely likable. He's an amazing character. He's such a nice guy and that story last week, if that's not -- you know, a tear-jerking situation. My parent is exactly that. Just look at us. What a love story. Maks, I know also, it seems like every time you're here you have announcement for us. I don't know why for whatever reason they let me back in the ballroom. Next week I'll be sit citing next to Len and two of us dishing out criticism at everybody. I'm going to be co-judging the switch-up week. Back as a judge. They're letting you back in. Can you imagine? Hey, does PETA know this? Does your brother Val? Do they know? You know, look, you know, we share household for the time being, but you know, it's funny because they go to their jobs. You know, I do my thing. We don't really talk about these things. When they ask me a question and want advice, I certainly give it. But I kind of like stand back. Sometimes they look at me as the old man in the room. You have done it so long ago this is the new "Dancing with the stars." We'll see what happens next week. You're far from an old man, my friend. Talk about the switch-up week that's kind of tough on everybody, isn't it? Halfway through the season you just got comfortable with your partner and you have to go do it with somebody else, it's a little strange because you don't know how to behave yourself, do you do better? Maybe not do so good? Because it's your competition. Because I feel like everybody's having fun and everybody's settled into this whole switch you've thing. I'm sorry I can't imagine ginger without Val. I just can't. The two of them are so good together. They're amazing and Disney night tonight. Great to see you, Maks. We'll see you next week as a judge there again. Thanks so much. Don't miss Disney night tonight on "Dancing with the stars." Back outside to rob. This is not planned.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"The former football player discusses his dance floor inspirations - his late parents, and Doug Jr., his son with autism -- plus Maks Chmerkovskiy is live.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38298674","title":"'DWTS': Inside Doug Flutie's Rehearsal","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-inside-doug-fluties-rehearsal-38298674"}