Ebola Survivor: 'Today Is a Miraculous Day'

Dr. Kent Brantly discusses the "unexpected turn" in his life when diagnosed with the Ebola virus.
4:56 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for Ebola Survivor: 'Today Is a Miraculous Day'
Today. Is a miraculous day. I am thrilled to be alive. To be well. And to be reunited with multifamily. As a medical missionary. I never imagined myself in this position. When my family and I moved to Liberia last October. To begin a two year term working with samaritans purse. Ebola was not on the radar. We moved to -- up -- -- because god called us to serve the people of Liberia. In March when we got word that -- it was in Guinea and had spread to Liberia. We began preparing for the worst. We did not receive our first people patient until June. But when she arrived. We were ready. During the course of June and July the number of Ebola patients increased steadily. And are amazing crew -- -- hospital. Took care of each patient with great care and compassion. We also took every precaution to protect ourselves from this dreaded disease but following him -- and WHIO guidelines for safety. After taking amber and our children to the airport to return to the states on Sunday morning July 20. I poured myself and -- my work even more than before. Transferring patients to our new bigger isolation unit training and -- -- news staff. And working with our human resources officer to fill -- staffing needs. Three days later on Wednesday July -- third. I woke up feeling under the weather. And in my life took an unexpected turn. As I was diagnosed with Ebola Virus disease. As -- -- in my bed in Liberia for the following nine days. Getting sicker and weaker each day. I prayed that god help me be faithful. Even in my moments. And I pray that in my life. Or in my death. That he would be glorified. I did not know them but have learned since. That there were thousands. Maybe even millions of people around the world praying for me throughout that week and even still today. And I've heard story after story. Of how the situation has impacted the lives of individuals around the globe. Both among my friends and family. And also among complete strangers. I cannot think you enough for your prayers and your support. But what I can tell you. Is that I serve -- faithful god who answers prayers. Through the tears of the samaritans purse and -- -- missionary team in Liberia. The use of an experimental drug. And expertise and resources of the health care team at Emory university hospital. God save my life. The direct answer to thousands and thousands of prayers. My dear friend Nancy -- -- upon her release from the hospital. Wanted me to share her gratitude. For all the prayers on her behalf. As she walked out of her isolation room all she could say was to god be the glory. Mean team David are now spending some much needed time -- -- it. Thank you for your support throughout this whole ordeal. My family and I will now be going away. For a period of time to reconnect. Decompress. And to continue to recover physically and emotionally. After ever covered a little more in regained some much strength. We will look forward to sharing more of our story. But for now we need some time to get off after more than a month apart. We appreciate having the opportunity to spend some time in private before talking to some of you who have expressed an interest in hearing more of our journey. Thank you for granting us that. Again. Before we slip out. I want to express my deep and sincere gratitude to samaritans purse. -- -- Emory and all the people involved in my treatment and care. Above all I'm forever thankful to god for -- my life. And I'm glad for any attention -- sickness has attracted. To the plight of West Africa in the midst of this epidemic. Please. Continue to pray for Liberia. And the people of West Africa. And encouraged those in positions of leadership. And influence to do everything possible. To bring its Ebola outbreak to -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Dr. Kent Brantly discusses the \"unexpected turn\" in his life when diagnosed with the Ebola virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25068849","title":"Ebola Survivor: 'Today Is a Miraculous Day'","url":"/GMA/video/ebola-survivor-dr-kent-brantly-speaks-25068849"}