A co-ed basketball team forfeits the season rather than cut the girls

The elementary school basketball team unanimously voted to forfeit the season rather than cut its female players.
9:04 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for A co-ed basketball team forfeits the season rather than cut the girls
blacktop now which is good news, let's check the rest of the ride. West and north of town in Bolten, two overturned cars, clearing on 495 in just a couple of minutes, one by 117 and another northbound by 111, and north of town we have got an incident here, where a tree fell onto the ramp from 3a to 128 so expect delays there, and we're watching the crash on 128 southbound by the pike, and south of town things are looking better and so far the trains and buses are ok. Thanks, breaking news in Worcester, a snowplow involved in a hit and run, it happened on pleasant street. The victim suffering serious injuries and police are looking for the snowplow as well as the driver. We're back with you at 8:56, you can watch our newscast at any point throughout the day on the mobile app. It's also a great place to check for any weather forecasts and updates, we'll keep you informed throughout the day, have a good to make a decision and they did and take a look. Is your decision to play the game without the two young ladies on the team or to stay as a team as we played all season with the girls on the team. To stay on the team. Stay on the team. Play as a team. Play without the girls. That's wonderful. As you can see, they decided to stick together and we've got some members of the team here in our audience this morning. Give it up for Christian, Kayla and Jason. Hi, Christian. Hi, Kayla. Hi, Jason. So, Christian and Jason, how did you guys -- what made you come up with decision to stick with your teammates. We found it was unfair Kayla couldn't play and Lila belle and we wanted to stick up for them so they could play. How about you, Jason? It was just unfair because why do it right now after we've been playing together for four years. Why not do this later or why do it at all? Yeah. And that's what a lot of us are wondering that. Yeah, and, Kayla, I'm curious, how did it make you feel when your teammates stood up for you. Well, it made me feel very good and very satisfying to know that they had my back and that we would stick together for the whole season and that they wouldn't want to play without me. Yeah. And I've been a part of a team all my entire life and I'm just curious, what did this teach you about teamwork? Well, it taught us to stick together and to make sure that we had each other's backs and to always stick with the same people until the end and just to make sure that we just stick together and stay as a group. Stick together. Always stick together and you guys are here together. I'm happy you're here together and I have one more question for all of you. What do you want to say to all the other kids out there about your team and about teamwork? We want to say that no matter what, you should always stick with your team and have their back. I agree with that. Jason, what would you like to say to other kids out there? I say just have the girls' back if they're on a team and um -- Well, you said enough. That's enough right there. It really is. And, Kayla, it must feel good to have a team like you have. Yes. And have this type of support and we want you to know we support you too, all right? Thank you. My team that couldn't be here today, hi. Hi. Always a great message, teamwork, and, robin, you got something. Maybe he's going to recruit you one day. I don't know. We want to bring in someone else who knows a little thing or two about basketball, a lot, coach Geno auriemma from UConn, the huskies are on the verge of history going for their 100th consecutive win tonight which would make them the first NCAA team ever with triple-digit winning streak and I know, my good friend Geno auriemma joins us from the great state of Connecticut there on the campus of UConn. I know you feel the love, Geno. Before I ask about your team. You heard these kids. You're from New Jersey. How does it make you feel that this team, they stuck together and they said, you know what, if we all can't play, none of us are going to play. I for the life of me can't understand the decision. I would like to think that smart and reasonable people understand this. My son played at that same age in a rec league and there were two girls on the team and one of the girls was one of the best players on the team so I don't care what age you are, on the court, on the playing field, there's no such thing as bias, you know, these kids have learned at a really young age what's right and what's wrong and I hope these -- the boys on that team grow up and when they're adults, they have the same empathy and the same feelings and the same level of respect for the women that they're going to be working with as they do for their teammates today. That would be a great lesson for these kids. That's a great point there, Geno. Creates that foundation. You know, Geno, we go back a long way, Orange and white on Monday night, wnba games. We'll go down -- it's not throwback Thursday or flashback Friday but here's a moment from our time together. Hey, Rebecca, I want to know did you give Geno broadcasting tip. Only when he says good things in then you take the credit. First Rebecca lobo, now, Geno auriemma. What's going on here. You're getting better all the time. Thank you. Let's go back to the studio. How young you were, Geno. Even George said, he's still good looking. He is good looking. You had those great players like Rebecca lobo and so many over the years but in all seriousness, Geno, the way you have established this wonderful program, the graduation rate, these wonderful kids that come in and out of the program, what is it about this team that you're on the brink of making history tonight? I don't know. I've been asked the question so many times that I've run out of ways to answer it other than to say this team is a by-product of if you go back as far as Rebecca lobo what was started, you know, over 20 years ago and this team is reaping the rewards of that and they've added to it. You know, because it's not easy coming here to play basketball knowing what's happened before you and knowing that how hard it's going to be to duplicate it much less add to it, so, I'm really proud of the way they've handled it. I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish up to this point. We kind of take it in stride and everybody is making a big deal over it tonight because of the number 100, but tomorrow morning we're going to wake up and I don't think we're going to feel that much different. I've tried to tell these kids, they're already a part of history and no one can ever take that away from them and all they can do now is just continue to add to it and I hope they're enjoying the moment. Whether we win or lose tonight, this is -- it's an important day because of the attention that's being focused on the game of women's basketball. So, they're going to feel proud of themselves down the road for being part of this. In well, you all deserve the attention, the sport does and thank you. You've been a wonderful ambassador, Geno, and just it's going to be a tough one tonight, though. We'll watch it. We're going to watch it It will be tough. It will be tough but, you know, I try to tell them, robin, you know, if you're a pretty good player and you pay attention and you do everything right, you know, someday you too could grow up to be knock quite robin Roberts but almost. So there you go. I was wondering where you were going with that, my friend. Thank you. And you can watch UConn in its quest for 100 when they take on South Carolina tonight at 9:00 P.M. On ESPN2. Love that man.

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"The elementary school basketball team unanimously voted to forfeit the season rather than cut its female players.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45445098","title":"A co-ed basketball team forfeits the season rather than cut the girls","url":"/GMA/video/ed-basketball-team-forfeits-season-cut-girls-45445098"}