Ellen DeGeneres Talks 'Finding Dory'

The talk show host chats with ABC News' Juju Chang about her role in the new animated film.
3:04 | 06/14/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ellen DeGeneres Talks 'Finding Dory'
Back now with Ellen DeGeneres opening up about "Finding Cory" and herself in an interview with ABC's juju Chang and sat down before the events in Orlando. Take a look. My family, they're out there somewhere. Reporter: 13 years later blue tang Cory once again making a splash. Her effervescence brought to life by the unparalleled talents of Ellen DeGeneres. Oh, my goodness, memo, are you okay. You have to give that fish complete human emotions and when you cry, I cried. I had to cry. How do you get yourself to cry. I felt the sadness and the loss and the abandonment and all the feelings and so I'm, you know, I'm a comedian but I'm an extremely sensitive person, you know, I have lots of sadness in me and I think a lot of comedians do because there's a lot to -- you draw on. Reporter: The famed comedian says she drew from her real-life heartaches. In a way she's lost and she's looking to find her way and so I'm wondering if you've ever felt lost and in need of typing a way. My loss was -- my earlier part of life and I didn't realize I was lost until I started really doing some soul searching and, you know, Reading the right books and going to therapy and then I looked back and I go, oh, boy, I didn't have anybody to help guide me and I was lost and I just found my way on my own. Reporter: Part of owning her truth was speaking her truth. Coming out publicly as a gay woman in the '90s. When you're gay and you're successful in this business, your whole team says, don't rock the boat. Just keep it down and I just thought, you know, what's equally as important is my career is living my life without shame. The fear is that you lose your career and it turned out I did for awhile. And yet like dory, you persevered. Just like dory he will London is all about family swimming through life with wife Portia derossi. You talked about not having your own kids. Like she confuses me. Sometimes she'll say, that makes me want to have a kid and I'm like do you -- no but it just makes -- so I mean -- Sounds like it's kind of in discussion again. In the hopper. No, now it's too late but we actually did wash we did kind of go through the process of thinking about, you know, a donor and who it would be and, you know, we've talked about it enough that we've really given it serious consideration, but, you know, we've been together 11 years now and it's a good, wonderful relationship and we both have careers and we're both busy. For now that means focusing on a little fish named dory. What do you hope people take away from the film. There's always another way. Don't just put up with something or just say, well, that's the way it is. And then your disadvantage can be your strength. Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, Beverly hills. Can't wait to see "Finding dory."

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The talk show host chats with ABC News' Juju Chang about her role in the new animated film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39834140","title":"Ellen DeGeneres Talks 'Finding Dory'","url":"/GMA/video/ellen-degeneres-talks-finding-dory-39834140"}