Elmo Shares His Favorite Recipes from New 'Sesame Street' Cookbook

"Sesame Street Let's Cook" is full of healthy recipes for parents and kids to share.
2:50 | 05/25/15

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Transcript for Elmo Shares His Favorite Recipes from New 'Sesame Street' Cookbook
Amy with our special guest. Our friends from "Sesame street" have been stirring things up all morning long. Elmo. Retote that and grover. They'll show us how to make some dishes from their new book called "Sesame street: Let's cook". Good morning, how are you? Doing so well especially because you brought food. Special waffle breakfast sandwich. Tell me about your recipe. This is a recipe that Elmo's mommy taught Elmo. Put the waffle mix in. Let it cook and through the magic of television we have waffles with some cheese and tomato. Yum. So you put the cheese on the waffle like this. A tomato then you meld sitting to like that. Perfect. Thank you, Elmo. Thank you. Look, we have rosirosita. What are you cooking. Corn, corn cakes and with a salsa, delicious, because it has fruits and mango and pineapple. Watermelon and the corn cakes are so delicious and I love that they look like little pancakes. You can put anything you like on the top of the corn cakes. And put avocado on here too. Very yummy and healthy. They're colorful and pretty and finger foods and vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits. You know what, it makes you smarter, stronger and kinder because you have to share. You know that I like to share but I'd share because I love to cook for my friends. Chef rosita, thank you very much. You are so beautiful. Thank you. Right back at you, rosita. Thank you and I love this. Fantastic. You know what everybody loves, grover, they love cake and you brought some of your friends' recipes. Yes. Zoe. This is Zoe's sweet and special birthday cake with chocolate and vanilla. You can make it with chocolate or vanilla frosting and ricotta cheese in the middle. That's really good. As little sugar as possible because we know that is not food good for to you have too much. Always good to eat cake. We also have here -- Oscar. Oscar's green smoothie. Wow. So that's a little scary. No, no, it has all sorts of yummy stuff in it, avocado and kale and some banana and apple juice. Oscar gave this recipe for you to share with all of us. That's so nice of him. Yes, yes, he's actually a nice guy, believe it or not. All right, everybody, "Sesame street: Let's cook" is available now. Yes. Coming up, ray Liotta and

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"\"Sesame Street Let's Cook\" is full of healthy recipes for parents and kids to share.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31287064","title":"Elmo Shares His Favorite Recipes from New 'Sesame Street' Cookbook","url":"/GMA/video/elmo-shares-favorite-recipes-sesame-street-cookbook-31287064"}