Emeril Surprises Deserving Mom, Neonatal Nurse

Famed chef surprises a neonatal nurse who’s saved countless babies and helped a “GMA” family member.
6:54 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for Emeril Surprises Deserving Mom, Neonatal Nurse
Our mother of all surprises, our 15th year celebrating special moms with emeril's breakfast in bed. They'll surprise one deserving mom who so many call their fairy godmother. Not only loving to her own three mother but a life saver to countless babies in the neonatal ward where she serves as a nurse. Emeril, take it away. Thank you. Good morning. You know, of all the years that we have done breakfast in bed, I've never been this close to you guys. I'm actually just miles away from you guys at times square. Actually I'm in New York City and actually I'm outside of a conference room at new york-presbyterian hospital, the C Kamensky center for health. Our mom is an angel who helped so many babies, let's go check her out. ? Because I'm happy clap along if you feel like happiness is for you ? ? because I'm happy clap along if you know what happiness is to you ? Hi. Hi. How are you? How are you? What are you doing here? Hi, everybody. How are you doing? Are you -- who are you? I'm he will riemeril Lagasse. I have to tell you something, it's amazing. Let's put a Mike on you for a sec because of how many countless people that you have helped over the years. These little babies. Yeah. I've got to show you. I have a little surprise for you over here. And we're going to just tell you a little story here in a second. Come on, fabiane. All right, fabiane. Family, friends and so much love but I have to tell you this, my very good friend, George, has your story. Check it out. Oh, my. Reporter: For the families of new york-presbyterian's neonatal icu every day is a miracle. Everyone would works there a miracle worker. But one nurse has touched hundreds of families like no other. Fabiane hickland go one word to describe fabiane would be fabulous. I can't thank her enough for giving me my baby. My little miracle. Reporter: The mother of three has helped save so many babies. She's saving lives of kids that without her help probably wouldn't make it. I need her to know the next time she swipes her I.D. To get behind the alarm secured doors she needs to remember that she's appreciated. Reporter: Maria's twin girls born in 2012 at 13 weeks struggled. This is personal. Maria ember of our "Good morning America" family. She's an operations producer who helped make our breakfast in bed come alive. And this morning she's producing this live surprise for fabienne. She didn't know we were submitting her until right now. Maria's husband Mike remembers those early moments with fabienne by her side. Tiny, two pounds. 13 ounces and three pounds, one ounce. It was beautiful but I was terrified. Absolutely terrified. Today the girls are thriving. They've transformed from these little babies to those beautiful girls now. Running around and causing terror and havoc. Reporter: And maria made her mess her message now an ardent supporter of the March of dimes fund-raising side by side with fabienne to help others face the she's put behind her. So this morning, "Good morning America" and emeril Lagasse salute two women, a mother. Surprise. And a nurse. Happy mother's day. And a very special friendship that inspires us all. Because she was such a vital part of my children's well-being, she will always have my heart. We left with two gifts but we really left with three. Ah. You know, I have to tell you, fabienne, yes, very special. But you know what, maria, come on over here. Come on over here. I mean, I know we caught you a little bit in surprise here. But it is a big surprise because of people at home know about our breakfast in bed and know we have one mom. This year we have two moms that we're honoring. It's about her. Exactly. What do you want to say to the woman who helped save your children's lives? That I am one of so many. My story wasn't as crazy as other people's here. But with Mike being away, you were my husband. You were my -- you were my mom, you were my best friend. And I will -- my children's story can never be told without you. Fabienne. How does it feel to be loved by so many people especially people that you have helped? It's amazing. I mean, for me it's always been being able to give to other people. I have never thought people thought that way to me. It was never -- I never wanted that back, per Se, it was always joyous tore me to do it and give it and love everybody. We have a surprise for you. Your husband and your children are here. Okay. Who love you. Maria, your beautiful babies are here and your husband. And, look, it is breakfast in bed so guess what, the two of you are going to get into bed. Because we have breakfast that we have to do. Bring the bed over. Come on, maria. What? Get into the bed. That's right, get right in the bed. Wait. Get in the bed. We got a delicious. We got a delicious breakfast of lemblueberry pancakes and all the thrills and want you guys to enjoy it. Congratulations. Thank you. To both two super moms. We love you, maria. We love you. Thank you so much. George, back to you at the studio. Oh, my gosh. Well, I guess emeril has outdone himself again. That was just -- We're all melting over here. Maria, congratulations. Fabienne. So great to see and look at all those babies behind them. I know. It's just absolutely beautiful. And I love the fact that we kept this from maria. She had no idea and so deserving. Both of them. Not easy. She has an integral part in our show every day. A lot of secret si O the weekend. A special thanks to crane and canopy for the bedding.

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{"id":23587706,"title":"Emeril Surprises Deserving Mom, Neonatal Nurse","duration":"6:54","description":"Famed chef surprises a neonatal nurse who’s saved countless babies and helped a “GMA” family member.","url":"/GMA/video/emeril-lagasse-famed-chef-cooks-breakfast-bed-mothers-23587706","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}