What to expect when flying for Christmas

The millions of passengers flying for the holidays may be asked to take any electronic device bigger than a cellphone out of their carry-ons due to security concerns.
2:33 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for What to expect when flying for Christmas
The great holiday escape as well is under way. A live look at Chicago's o'hare airport. Look at all those people. One of the busiest in the country today and just the scene moments ago in Dallas after that evacuation. Everyone piling back into the airport and, Amy, the worst thing you can hear at the airport you have to be rescreened. Oh, gosh. Millions more, of course, not just hitting the airways but roadways driving for the holiday. This is a live look at our traffic cam in New York City. Aaa says more than 97 million people are hitting the road over the next week. You'll be doing that, driving and flying. Driving today and flying this weekend. 2.7 million expected to fly and David Kerley is at dulles airport outside Washington, D.C. Starting us off on the tarmac. It looks like they're putting you to work this morning. Reporter: Actually, some of the cargo is coming off this plane just came in from Sao Paulo. In Dallas, this was a problem in the terminal. Completely evacuated and folks going back N hour and a half delay in love field. Southwest, big airport and could ripple through the rest of the season on these very busy days. A look at flight aware that shows you what the situation is in the air right now. Doesn't look that busy because it's just getting going. Look at yesterday to give you an example. Yesterday and today the two busy days of folks getting where they want to for the holidays. Now, so far cancellations not a problem. The weather still a threat but it hasn't been an issue. Now, here for united at dulles airport, today is their busiest day here, not only loading cargo but aircraft coming in and between today and new year's, they will have nearly 5 million people they will transport through these jetways onto the aircraft getting home for the holiday. So far, Tom, things are working all right. That sounds great and we will watch that weather. You said yesterday and today are some of the busiest days. What about after Christmas, all those travelers returning home? Reporter: Well, here's the problem. As we spread this out over the last couple of days, yesterday and today folks getting to where they want to be for Christmas but then as I get out of the way because they're bringing in another cargo deal here, Tuesday a lot of folks will,want to get home and taking these two days, compacting it Tuesday, it will be a busy day trying to get home Tuesday. Pack some patience traveling that day. David Kerley on the front lines of the great escape. Thank you.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"The millions of passengers flying for the holidays may be asked to take any electronic device bigger than a cellphone out of their carry-ons due to security concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51950764","title":"What to expect when flying for Christmas","url":"/GMA/video/expect-flying-christmas-51950764"}