Fall Season's Hottest Looks for Less

Kate Dimmock reveals ways to stretch your budget and still look your best.
3:00 | 11/09/12

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Transcript for Fall Season's Hottest Looks for Less
It's the holiday season. It can be hard to resist buying a little something for yourself when you're out gift shopping. Whoa. All of our notes are flying. But you can pamper yourself guilt-free, especially when sales are going top kate dimmock, the executive director of "people stylewatch" is here. We have the hottest styles. We do, indeed. Starting with, here we have teflon leather tops. I've seen them from designers up to $1,200. This is from zarra. Let's see what we've got in terms of luxe right now. 69.95. And is it real or fake? Well -- it's pleather? Good. I love it. It looks gorgeous. Our next model. The fur vest is a luxe classic. Everybody's got to have one. They go with everything. It's a classic for a long time. Exactly. If you decide to invest, make a good choice. If you don't feel like investing in a faux fur vest, we have this one. And it is a mere $99. You're kidding? That's $99? Yes. Isn't it incredible? And fake but it looks real. It's gorgeous. And I love her bag, too, which is about 60 bucks. Great for fall. And color blocking is a big trend this season. Thank you, ladies. This is a gorgeous dress. This looks like a designer dress. This is the first design for the kohl's collection. And they're usually well over $1,000. This dress is $64. This has been a really hot trend. I've seen a lot of ads for these dresses in magazines. And I keep thinking they're fantastic. And they're all atkohl's. So flattering. The detail the way the dark is on the outside, it accentuates the flattering. It's not limited to really trendy, gorgeous clothing items. But also accessories. This watch. Is this a men's watch or women's watch? It's a women's watch. But the mens wear look is so hot this season. It's a gold is going to look luxurious and be a classic. How much does it normally go for? It could be over $5,000. And this sells for just $16.99. I love target. And these earrings, with the holiday season coming up. Such a big trend, too. The necklaces are so big. But we love these earrings. It's a mix of cubic and there's some fabric in there. But it is $42. Now, I live in boots. I love them. We could use them right now. It's cold out here. And the equestrian look never goes out of style. It's a great look. These are from bamboo. And they're $30. Oh, my gosh. That's fantastic. We really found items that say luxury but don't have that price. And these items, these aren't sale ices. These are the regular prices. Kate dimmock, thank you very much. "People stylewatch" is on newsstands right now. And to buy all of the items you just saw, go to our website goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":17679062,"title":"Fall Season's Hottest Looks for Less","duration":"3:00","description":"Kate Dimmock reveals ways to stretch your budget and still look your best.","url":"/GMA/video/fall-fashion-seasons-hottest-great-outfits-budget-17679062","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}