Fashion designer Christian Siriano shares the inspiration behind his iconic gowns

The designer also dishes on his new book and weighs in on what trends he thinks will be coming up in 2018.
6:13 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for Fashion designer Christian Siriano shares the inspiration behind his iconic gowns
shot to fame on "Project runway" ten years ago. Can you believe it? Since then celebrities from Celine Dion to Kelly Clarkson and queen latifah has been rocking his looks now a new book called dresses to dream about. Please welcome Christian Siriano. Before we get started with your dresses and book we wanted to get your take on something that's been in the news. We saw engagement photos released and a lot of people have been commenting on the sheer top that Meghan Markle chose to wear in some of these photos. People are wondering if it's appropriate for a royal to wear something see-through. What is your fashion take on it? Yeah, I mean it is sexy but I think how it was styled was quite -- I think so elegant and beautiful and she's young and modern and that's the whole point of their love affair and I think it's very beautiful and she looked amazing. Not that I have any weight at all in the fashion world but I thought it was beautiful and elegant. Like even though -- she was hidden in how they posed. If if it was a whole different set it wouldn't have worked but it was quite chic. So let's get to your book now, it's pretty remarkable. We have three of the dresses featured in it right here in our studio and all been just -- They're big girls. Eyeing them morning long. So gorgeous. Mrs This is the ombre bouquet and your sister helped inspire this. Growing up my sister was a ballet dancer. I was too, not as good but, you know, so my sister was a ballet dancer, she was a sugar plum fairy so that inspired this in some way, even though I wasn't even thinking about it when I did it but I think my mom even referenced it and was like this reminds me of my sister Shannon which I love. The cover of the book, bright and bold and fabulous. That dress is every girl's dream. Like that is how I would describe that dress and you mentioned your mom. Your mom has been a big inspiration. What is it about her that inspires you in your work? I mean I think what's great, growing up my mom was different. She loved to get dressed. She wore a dvf wrap dress and quite modern and gets free clothes all the time and cruises around the world. Every mom's dream. Have a fashion designer in the family as well. Exactly. Speaking of your mom, she is here in the audience right now. She's here. You. Look so great, mom. Mom, what do you think of your son? His incredible success and what he does and brings to the world. It's amazing. It's just been a wonderful ride and he is still the same, kind generous person as always. As you mentioned I get to go on my celebrity cruises and wear my Leslie Jones red and I'm enjoying the fruits and benefits of it all. Listen, she got glam this morning. Robin Roberts' makeup artist. That's amazing. We love your son too, as well. You did a great job so she continues to give to the wore. In fact, let's move on to this next dress. This apparently is one that Taylor Swift fell in love with. Yeah, so I love this because it was in one of my collections, one of my first collections and not everybody loved it in the beginning but Taylor Swift loved it and wore it in her wonder struck campaign, her first fragrance and a big moment for her and me and what was great, it became kind of an iconic dress and still sell it today six years later. It looks like champagne. Yeah. Like fun. Fantasy. It's supposed to look like a dream and have that cloud-like movement. This dress made headlines and your mom referenced. Leslie Jones red. You made it for Leslie Jones after she said no one would dress her for the premiere of "Ghostbusters." I love this because in the book there is a lot of pieces that are big and exuberant and this I think is the simplest dress but smoke the most volumes. A big night for her. I just wanted to give her a "Pretty woman" moment and make her look amazing so that's what we did in a simple beautiful just great silhouette. There's nothing simple about Leslie Jones. There is not. What is it like working with her? I can't imagine how fun those sessions are. She is amazing. She is quite boisterous but it's so ton to dress her because I think she really appreciates it but also loves fashion and has a great beautiful body. Very tall and can wear a dress which is fun for a designer. We play dress up. She wears it well. Speaking of red carpet, award season just around the corner. What are you expecting to see on the red carpet? There's a lot happening in Hollywood, obviously, as we all know so, you know, golden globes are coming up and a lot of the actresses are wearing black to celebrate solidarity and give the voice to the women on the red carpet which I think is amazing but, listen, it's going to be a lot of black but I still think they're going to be gorgeous and sexy and powerful and excited to see that. I wanted to pick your brain for anyone out there because we mentioned this is your ten-year anniversary. Yeah. Of being the designer that you are. Christian Siriano. Do you have advice for all of those young people who are trying to break into a difficult industry to break into. Don't do it. No, I'm just kidding. No, no, it's great. I think if you wake up every morning and love fashion and love clothes, that's what you should do. You just have to work at it and I think it's not all fun and games and celebrities and -- because actually they're quite annoying. But, you know, if you love to make clothes that's what you should do and that's my only advice. I love that. Dresses to dream about is out now. Christian Siriano. Thank you very much for being

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"The designer also dishes on his new book and weighs in on what trends he thinks will be coming up in 2018. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51944658","title":"Fashion designer Christian Siriano shares the inspiration behind his iconic gowns ","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-designer-christian-siriano-shares-inspiration-iconic-gowns-51944658"}