Feud Between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Escalates

Trump criticized Bush Wednesday over speaking Spanish on the campaign trail. 

6:37 | 09/03/15

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Transcript for Feud Between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush Escalates
Your voice, your vote and that escalating feud between Donald Trump and Jeb bush. Trump hit bush again yesterday, this time for speaking Spanish on the campaign trail and bush is standing by live to respond. First the latest from Jon Karl and, Jon, another big headline breaking overnight on that Hillary Clinton e-mail controversy. Reporter: George, the staffer, the Clinton staffer who set up the private e-mail server at Hillary Clinton's home in chappaqua, New York, is taking the fifth. He was subpoenaed to testify before the house benghazi committee, the Clinton campaign says they encouraged him to testify but he has decided to take the fifth, not to testify. The campaign says he simply didn't want to be drawn into a political spectacle. You have two other top Clinton aides who will be testifying and the other big story is that escalating and increasingly personal war of words between Jeb bush and Donald Trump. After Jeb bush's bilingual blitz on Donald Trump. I mean, this is not a guy who is a conservative. Good morning, America. Breaking overnight, heat wave of hurric worried. He's doing very poorly in the polls. He's a very low-energy kind of guy and he had to do something. Reporter: Jeb bush's campaign manager Danny Diaz hit back at trump hard on Twitter tweeting "Donald Trump against Spanish? Says Reagan not a conservative? Looks like one-man mission to kill the gop" and that is the view from bush headquarters. Let's hear from the man himself right now. Thank you, Jon. Jeb bush joins us from Manchester, New Hampshire. Governor bush, thanks for joining us. We showed that tweet from your campaign manager. Is that what you think, Donald Trump is a one-man mission to kill the gop? I think -- I think Donald Trump is trying to insult his way to the presidency and it's not going to work. People want an uplifting hopeful message. People come to this country to pursue their dreams. Sometimes they start without speaking English but they learn English and they add vitality to our country and the fact that he would say you only can speak English is kind of ridiculous. Are we going to close all the foreign language classes? Why would he have a contract with univision for his beauty pageanty this is a diverse country and should celebrate it and embrace a set of shared values and Mr. Bush doesn't believe in those values. He wavenss to tear us done. He doesn't believe in the things that have created the greatness of this country. You know, this is also personal for you, of course, your wife columba comes from Mexico. What was your first thought when you heard him criticize you for speaking Spanish. I laughed. I mean, this is a joke. I was in a press gaggle where people asked me a question in Spanish and inswered it in Spanish. I was in a classroom two days ago, where these young beautiful kids all speak English but also speak Spanish and one asked a question in Spanish and I answered it. That's the reality of America, the goodness of America, the kind of America we want. So part of it is you laugh because it's so bizarre but it's hurtful for a lot of people and Mr. Trump know there is and appealing tire their angst and fears rather than higher hopes. He called you low energy, a stiff, a joke on immigration, the last thing we need is another bush. Why do you think he's out to get you? I think he's out to get everybody. He doesn't have a set of planches. If he had to actually do the traditional thing which is here's my policy as it relates to immigration, his policy is not serious. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. It's probably unconstitutional. It violates civil liberties. If he had to actually debate the points on taxes and regulation people would be surprised that he is a liberal in many of these views, the express views he has on tax, on health care are views that are more closely similar to those of Hillary Clinton. You know, the chairman of the RNC is now circulating a loyalty pledge among all the candidates. Mr. Trump told me yesterday he'd support you over Hillary Clinton if you get the nomination. Would you support him? Yeah, I would, of course. Of course, I would. We need to be unified. We need to win. And I think Mr. Trump is -- ought to figure out a way maybe to lessen the divisive language, the hurtful language and talk about the aspirations of the American people rather than trying to prey Reporter: The don is slamming him for speaking Spanish telling the conservative website breitbart.com "He's a nice man, but he should really set the example by speakin English while in the United States." Reporter: On the campaign trail bush often breaks into Spanish, the native language his wife columba and about 37 million other Americans. But trump's rhetoric against illegal immigration has helped rocket him to the top ofhe T polls, knocking bush from his once front-runner status. Trump is crushing bush bot nationally and in Iowa, the state that votes first. Bush is now fighting back with a video hitting trump on his past positions. In many cases I probably identify more as a democrat. Reporter: Trump told George he's not Iowa, single digits in new hampshirein. What happened and how do you turn it around? Turn around by recognizing it's a long road. We have a well-funded campaign. Next week I unveil a tax plan that I'm really excited about that will create economic opportunity. I'm focusing on how can we lift people out of poverty and give the middle class a pay raise for the first time in 15 years. We have big structural problems in our country and my focus on giving people a sense of my leadership skills to help them. Over time I think it will be an effective message. Thanks for joining us. Thanks, George. George, now to an show of

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\n\tTrump criticized Bush Wednesday over speaking Spanish on the campaign trail. 

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