'The Foreigner' star Jackie Chan stops by our studio and shares 5 amazing stories

Chan appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" to talk about his new film, "The Foreigner."
19:56 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for 'The Foreigner' star Jackie Chan stops by our studio and shares 5 amazing stories
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we would you what is happening at the movies and the only human being need to feed now. Is the far. Starring my guests the Chan man himself to think you can I tell you have real thing and you ask what I want access loyal and in the mid how tough I am how high try. Well again like you with a mind. Young young fans can be yes if you like a movie yes that's it that's it because I've tried so hot. Vote looking put these kind of know because I'll always doing so many years action comedy I think I'm Iraq. I just want to do something different that it would dues like Robert being you know do and I myth Perry's. In. It's. Police all kind of know not only action comic. But your fans love to see you do you shouldn't tell them that there's no action because there's a lot of lot of action if you want. They made to look like an old man hit and that what were they doing. Martin Campbell yes yes that's correct in his if I'm directing the apria owed okay. I I hire you. Dan I listen to you then. I make up like a 45 minute news show him although enough OK well enough of him all the older technique you wall. Hmmm nice notes million full knowledge in the Arctic Egypt you missed that one that okay. When you did it. Yes. Because that's the plot it's basically that you are living in London and your daughters killed in a bombing terrorists. Some a lot of people who thing them though ordinary people act it and non have a secret background. Police not helping me that government not helping me I find no myself. Then they realized who. Who is that guy who'll he can't do so many things then they realized. The Internet if Fido I'm expensive training and the special fourth string. Navy seal. I was before. And then send mixed movie special look drama. Action exciting it's all that and yet you have a lot of scenes where the cameras just on your face where you are it's a tragedy. Yes and you feeling that was that hard for you it really enough for me. You know that directed who went on the when Kate. I have this beat the dialogue that here. Comes down. Crying this Saro but apt to speak clearly is not my the Q. You know you pain but you tried to be a. Proof you have strong but you really can't hurt. And that time opted a few shot I'm proud of myself and did it because. English is not my mother language day and after no kidding. Oh I hope I've been listen what locked. The opponent what he's. Say and as it appears he's been good Irish news I've done this then when he finished when's my. Battle coach someday somehow behind the camera. I think it then I just. An obvious. He might here's the list goes down sometime you're not concentrating enough you just you cannot cry it's not. Give up is my mood here and yeah. Will be appears resin help you we get a yes they believe he's a Jackie tell me you you're not comfortable. Tell me again we did the rehearsal rehearsal rehearsed though you've and we. Behind this team with open the hotel rehearsal and you really know me and I really then you. If everybody's that Jackie get re acting I really did think you peers. We'll see if you win the Oscar you're gonna have to do we you know you just ask if you've got that lifetime. Achievement Oscar is what was that like. When it get a phone call I'm not Shull because. The chairman of lost this piece Jackie. I thought I'm gonna pretend all is I never thought I can get almost them I'm making. What might used to be and I get cheap action comedy movie. Almost get to meet to follow way. So many I'll walk to me too far away I just do make all again happy. Duma old things that's all. I 57 years they do. Then they give me a cue from the real live human accuses those surprised of course at that date so exciting and go with a hotel. I put down over a mile house a plea in the house. The page. Gone. In his it's finished now if this did I just go bat. What I'm doing before I've never change because I can toss out a dude you know that they would attending again. Yet that didn't spoil you but you didn't do the same Egan you did this. For the last twelve years actually. You in America you mind not have so many times movie actually do so many different grow in China. But in Hollywood. So difficult days old we would Hayek negligent action comedy acting. I'm economic affect that's what we thought doubtful yeah right we have to if you're in the Guinness book of the world record you know right. Most stunts by inflows this ever done yes and then written in Chinese zodiac. That you had more jobs than anybody ever happened right here producers. Direct and Courtney cameraman. Making. I mean that you make lunch for everybody. Yes. Yes. It yet and cleaned if that. I'd be making a filled 57. Years how will we used highway act through via a way to trial results 77. Then I'm doing now and always in the film film of film sack. So I watched all the cameramen going when what you orders the man going oh my what everybody going on dissent I just that I go grandfather of them. It is through this and what I'm doing put the camera like in this quiet on this at the table and there's so many thinking hot it would. I have to accept the blue Mike Jackie Judd who. Being in Asia okay Wednesday lunchtime how you are tricked boggle the war. Everybody have a while you have it all down to assist them yes yes this is touted I hate I spent he'll eat you see. An upbeat hockey beat you then everybody that bother with some just once they put it that. The wings a lot of walked. In mind set everybody who write in the then you've been about though you pick the bodily change and on about. Now. You've got it all down to do that what you do that is becoming increasingly. Rare that no one else as you do your stunts yourself. You do it like we live in the world now with a computer does ever. I love compute when with that Kent Kent Emmons says yeah I just a kindergarten and he would lollar. We'll stand idle it'll all come Buddha. He attractive expand the camera. That Jackie you know I pretend. I don't ever let they have I know he's so busy it is I did you know I'd be okay UUUV's gavel go away. I I just driving a goggle it has no liability been trying to do I just don't understand I mean just doing but you should know. Chinese movie. Jackie Chan action movie put the camera I don't use that pack a cut I just. When shock I show you what I'm in view. But the record that an added being that's all. Look at look at now Hollywood I look at a Hollywood action movie I just. Why he's so good bigamy and everybody became in this will be year old. Anybody we have Wonder Woman yelled what the woman that matters despite a man Dave idea of writing a row. With vial with they life. They all cut you'll. So good at I don't respect your life yes yes now we have money would have a technology but the audience you'll. Let me see Jackie do film things though. Hide who the best. He's eight. I still can jump I jump I've UK I do case until one bit in the. While guy did you still doing it. You know do you have favorites of the stunts that you've done in movies because I remember seeing you and drunken master. These these were amazing stunts and he's still do. My favorites probably leave police story except to defend the life. All right. Four days to move the roof yeah who thing. You had one. With the latter hiring them again that rate the latter yet. When you see that that is so good but you know how painful I am the finger and it hurt my faith. No everything you touch is a mad they'll get hurt but I shows. Feel good. Actually sometimes it eight have to my thing but I I just. Look I just all the Hillary people I think that gut. To try win in Detroit so many different things yeah well that's a lot of ordinary people can't do here but are trained to do not get hurt you get ya. You'd get it try island to China to myself actually. Every comic Lewis that again hurt I'm so problem itself yes I did. And the excitement there was something else loosening. Publicly and that would oak. What what how can students just if it is very throw it yeah all kind of thing I always. I always in my mind filming filming action in stunts done. But people might come at you you know and immediately start. Money to get you in the fight you know it they don't do all those years the other because I never like this will be you know everybody can be mean Denton. Movie. We have a lot of viewed via people come and at around on the way in. Helping good turnaround that runaway. I've got so what you know is still I think mostly people treat me tonight. The boil and extol you my friend in. It would if people can't see you. Great but that's everywhere in the world yeah you can't go anywhere when they now. I some data osment. The and would let you know mean the world and I some that would have been shopping and now. Human. Few years it will I've I was filming and bad who want to news that 20000. Local people they did these days bungalow he. No no wife by nothing. When they're driving that the whole mountain the whole I did note Jack in the did nothing to do. Besides fishing. In the thinking it easily and the lines that mean tactic but how they can again that driver. Why Uga. Lows he know the whole village the whole island will you. We only know two people how he'll meet with have a mean guilt is doing that if BH. Yes we have and she hit yet we possibly it to the limit admittedly it will handle two people like of which do. Still that you. As all okay. That it airwaves and electoral well. I go Pete two hours this. Could really hurt you shall I go to the location. And we've five minute three minute the wool Kendall. Shaking. It role. Arabic and rock cocaine. Within the rock and roll over. Its belonged to buddy of yours now right. Goods that Freddie or you witnessed my. He's my idol really that'll help me come on who he's definitely he might mean Condo on it would to walk in the wreck happened. In his movie when I visited this that he was doing I mean if you're mad. At nine he might need dude. And there I. That happened. He's the first ones and me at that that it. I agree to appreciate your Hollywood connection here but what you were a kid you were teen age you working with briefly yes. And stunts with him do establish payment by whipping AM. Late on the fight go have a very good timing then. Everytime when you fight it is pointed. I like that guy. Because I'm them but it would meet them I remembered as it shot. On the allotment of the possibly some of whom woods shot I just immediately put down. I guess analysts alike around 1718. Eaton. Rehearsal the state was here. Boom. You know do this yet but I think he missed it. The relocate the whole state lying here heard a boom in at O'Dell and they have a move. With me just that think the pull back and put around Walt Walt Walt will and you cut. And I get up you know access and I can't hurt every single day we used to it nobody you know. I tried to get up and around the school late in artistic IS hit. Oh my god you fill the Tuesday. Tuttle me run to meet get out of elect all. You want to come to apologize in this company. All hurt. And it but I. And in my honest audiences though days okay in the whole nine every time whenever he Walt you look at me. The not yeah that yet. And yes every time by just elegant guy when that guy. In view. And he held me me moment. Because we overtime. Accompanying cut all of us and I OK time out otherwise you're double date. But it I need more funds than die. You that you got. OK I know it looked at that. And yet they and 98 what earned mostly and the united. Fifteen. Gave. A bit day and 1515. Feet long we've been down a day and debt they. I earned 200 them. We've got it's the start of young Vietnamese tried to overtime. Over time. But I am from 30 in the morning opening night in Edmonton and overnight he gets to you here. Actually nothing to do you see on the set mostly gotten me. He just keep me on the set see that's great you learn what how this industry works by do ya ask them. Simpson now I care about almost an Keaton and I know some of the theater. Somebody get. What their hot and I would say. This day these days that these days. Let them dues from nobleman. It's great would you do you know the other thing about you. Is that people don't really know as your singer. Yes I tried I'll come up I can I do you do you write the music for your own movies that play at the end right yes. You have what and you many show all those great outtakes of clips of the the mistakes that are being made. I I used to be this thing in my Kate and I thought that all again only Clinton trim out there not legitimate so. As slowly year by yeah I've been saying you know what motive for the years then I practice. I becoming a good thing that. You have. I see that you do they have the Chinese version of Beauty and the Beast you would do in that yes you can as if I hear there's a rush hour for now. Come next year next year yet so you can write in my area. Either the. We agree. Off this seven years we have read this great and because foot the last seven years. Dropped dealer faith how that the free money that's in the old and we find something you I want something you what is it. Can you tell who viewed. Our Jacqui all right I'm switching to the end in our show it always ends in song everybody things a little something you know its interest if you did it now. I've that's typical 02 David got. I think that's. We'll get you know don't look good good good rolling in the deep. Yeah donated it I really happy is to Wembley ox I'd be out. To the right need to keep a solid is that no no no object he can Kensing this'll all okay. To get I always remember forty years ago I would mean Hollywood. Stating lending English I listen a lot of countries so. To learn a golf country yeah. Lines with a movie fools who king. Eight years ago full name the avenues. Well well is the so Elvis Elvis we Euro weighs mine. You were a whole is. Batavia. In you. We Ninos. Effective. That's highlighted ending that led nine. Nothing to do I just ten on these kind of working. You know in apple Leeson when they training all. He Paul hula who I I don't know what they're saying but I just makes me. We will prove it yeah you're moving here. Jackie you're a wonder you really are. Think you rate to have you debut there of it so much.

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{"id":50462499,"title":"'The Foreigner' star Jackie Chan stops by our studio and shares 5 amazing stories","duration":"19:56","description":"Chan appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" to talk about his new film, \"The Foreigner.\"","url":"/GMA/video/foreigner-star-jackie-chan-stopped-studio-shared-amazing-50462499","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}