Fred and Kim Goldman speak out about OJ Simpson's parole live on 'GMA'

The family of Ron Goldman share their thoughts about O.J. Simpson being granted parole.
5:25 | 07/21/17

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Transcript for Fred and Kim Goldman speak out about OJ Simpson's parole live on 'GMA'
We are back now with more on the O.J. Simpson decision. The former football star granted parole after serving nearly nine years for that bofrped robbery attempt. Joined by Ron Goldman's family. His father Fred and his sister Kim are back with us this morning and we thank you both for being here. Thank you. We know you watched the verdict come down and, Kim, I have to ask what your reaction was. It was shocking. I think I expected that he was going to come in with a script. I did these crime, I'm so sorry, I'm remorseful. I know there was a gun in the room. I thought I -- he was going to follow what I thought was going to be a very strategic plan for the day and then he went off script and he became exactly who he normally is and I started to panic a little and obviously like everybody else we watched them unanimously vote to release him and it was disappointing. Fred, I know you were with us here yesterday. You were telling us you don't think your family will ever receive justice. I was curious in watching the parole hearing what you thought when O.J. Simpson said he's led a conflict-free life. Well, everybody in the world except him knows he's led a conflict -- that he has not led a conflict-free life. He beat up his first wife. He beat up Nicole numerous times. He had numerous other alter indications with people over the years. Hardly conflict-free. Nor do I suspect it'll ever be conflict-free. He's just not capable of being that person. And speaking to that, Kim, I know that you have spoken publicly about o.j.'s propensity for violence. You heard him there say he's never pointed a gun at anyone in his life. What do you say to the people who may come in contact with Simpson once he's freed? Do you -- how do you feel about the public safety with O.J. Simpson out? Well, I wish we would have learned that in the parole hearing yesterday. I wish the parole members would have asked that and pressured him a little bit more on what his life is going to be like and what he learned and was he rehabilitated. I don't know. He -- he stormed a hotel room with guns and goons to get a shirt back. He stabbed Ron and Nicole to death. We proved that in a civil case. He thinks he's above the law. You bring up the parole board. You heard one of the commissioners held up the hundreds of letters and said we had many in support of Simpson but many in opposition too who wanted the acquittal and then the civil case to be brought up in front of the parole board. They said they would not do that. You knew that was the law. That it wouldn't be but how frustrating was that? For me it's very frustrating because my perception of a parole hearing is to determine whether this individual is going to potentially be a threat to society, whether he has the possibility of doing something bad again, another bad decision. And I think that's just who he is. They never pushed him about anything. You know, he snapped at one of the commissioners who I forget -- the first gentleman who spoke, he snapped at him. There was no feedback to that. He lied numerous times about many things. There was never a question -- he was never requestioned about anything. My sense was they had a checklist of whatever it was, ten things and they checked them off and as long as he answered the proper number of items on the checklist, it was a done deal. Kim, you've written a book called "Media circus" and you talk about suffering personal tragedy all within the sharp gaze of the media. I know that you have a 13-year-old son. What do you say to him? His middle name is Ron too by the way. What do you say to him about yesterday's events? Stay focused. Stay continuing to live a life with honor and integrity and grace. My dad and I do a lot of work for victims and survivors. This isn't unique to our family. It happens daily. I want my son to know you fight back and you voice your opinion and your feelings and you speak out when you think there's an injustice and I hope I've done right by that. And she has. You did a lot of work on that front and I should just say one of O.J. Simpson's supporters and friends earlier this morning said that he plans to visit Nicole brown Simpson and I'm curious when you heard that, what your reaction would be and how moving forward does your family accept the fact that he's going to be a free man come October? Well, honestly we've lived our life with him being a free man. We've done this so we've had nine years of reprieve. We'll go back to doing what we have done. I run a nonprofit and do stories on other survivors and raising my kid. We're active in the world of victims and survivors advocacy and continue doing those things and take it one day at a time. If he chooses to try to write a book or do a reality show -- We'll be there to jump on him again. With our judgment. To get the money. To get justice. To get some satisfaction of justice. You know, it was never about the money. It was punishment and we didn't have the opportunity to see him go to jail or death row for murder. But he got a judgment against him and honoring that judgment or making him honor the judgment is the only punishment that we can get from it. All right. Fred and Kim Goldman, we thank you for being here. We've never forgotten your

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{"id":48763585,"title":"Fred and Kim Goldman speak out about OJ Simpson's parole live on 'GMA' ","duration":"5:25","description":"The family of Ron Goldman share their thoughts about O.J. Simpson being granted parole. ","url":"/GMA/video/fred-kim-goldman-speak-oj-simpsons-parole-live-48763585","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}