Trayvon Martin's Mother, Brother Testify

Prosecution expected to wrap up case against George Zimmerman in second-degree murder trial.
5:32 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin's Mother, Brother Testify
First, though, we turn, now, to the latest on the high-stakes george zimmerman trial. The prosecution could wrap up its case as early as today, with trayvon martin's mother expected to take the stand. Abc's matt gutman has the story. Reporter: The prosecution is expected to end its case this morning. By bringing it back to where it began, 17 months ago. With trayvon martin's grieving mother, pleading for justice. I stand before you today not knowing how I'm walking right now because my heart hurts so much. Reporter: Sabrina fullton is expected to be the last prosecution witness. We spoke to her just before the trial began. How hard is that going to be for you to watch, day after day? I'm sure it will be difficult. But I'm committed that I have to be there for trayvon. Reporter: And there she was, in the front row, mostly stoic. Sometimes breaking down. The prosecution, at first, relying on raw emotion. punk. Please , they always get away. Those were the words in that grown man's mouth. Reporter: And then, chipping away at zimmerman's credibility. Catching in what seems like an open lie on wednesday, his college law professor saying he taught zimmerman about florida self-defense laws. Did you discuss specifically self-defense and stand your ground laws, in connection with violent crime, such as murder? Yes. Reporter: A day earlier, jurors watched zimmerman saying the exact opposite in a fox news interview. I'm just curious. Prior to this night, to this incident, had you even heard stand your ground? No, sir. You never heard about it before? No. Reporter: Jurors also heard testimony from rachel jeantel, martin's friend on the phone with him, just moments before he was killed. You said the man looked creepy. Creepy, white. Excuse my language, cracker. Reporter: Don west going after her credibility. Can you read any of the words on it? I don't understand. Cursive. I don't read cursive. Reporter: It was a memorable moment on the stand, the defense's strategy. To show weakness in the prosecution's case. And show these pictures, zimmerman's bloody face and head. Zimmerman claims he shot martin in self-defense. Now, I've been speaking to zimmerman's defense team about their strategy, lara. And they say what they're going to try to do is plug holes in the prosecution's case. They don't hav to prove that george zimmerman did not commit second-degree murder. All they have to do is insert enough reasonable doubt in the minds of those six female jurors and george zimmerman walks free. Lara. Thank you, matt. We welcome judge marion gunn, she is a former circuit court judge in arkansas. I want to ask you, as we wrap up, do you think the prosecution has made its case? No, I don't. I don't think anybody thinks the prosecution has made their case on murder 2. They should dismiss the charges on murder 2. Their best chance is the manslaughter. We're going to hear trayvon's mom take the stand today. Will her testimony carry any weight? Could that change things? I think her testimony could change things regarding the manslaughter charges. I don't think her testimony is going to change anything on the murder 2. I think the prosecution is going through the motions, when it comes to that charge. And most of their witnesses have been for the defense. I mean, they've been much better for the defense. And trayvon martin's momma is a sweet, gentle lady. And the defense is going to have to be very, very careful with her and gentle with her. But they're going to have to be firm. You're saying they haven't done a good job with the murder 2 charge. Do you honestly think, though, they'll consider dismissing this or going for the lesser charge? I don't think the prosecution will. I think they should. The judge might. At the conclusion of the prosecution's case, the defense attorney will make a motion to dismiss, I believe, the murder 2 charges. And then, the judge, who is a great lady. She has a very tight ship. And I think she might dismiss the murder 2 charges and let it go to the jury or let the defense put on their case for the manslaughter case. Looking ahead, it would seem to be very risky at this point, given what you're saying to put zimmerman on the stand. Do you think they will? You know, if you don't talk, you don't walk. Normally, if you are a criminal defendant. But zimmerman has already, in a sense, testified through the tapes. And so, I probably would put him on the stand to say I didn't do it because I think the jury wants to hear that. Nobody likes george zimmerman. And I think the jury wants to hear him say what happened that night because he's the only survivor. Whether the defense decides to take that incredible risk, and it is, remains to be seen. All right, judge gunn, thank you very much. We'll find out as trayvon's mother takes the stand today.

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{"id":19584731,"title":"Trayvon Martin's Mother, Brother Testify","duration":"5:32","description":"Prosecution expected to wrap up case against George Zimmerman in second-degree murder trial.","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-trial-trayvon-martin-death-martins-mom-19584731","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}