Georgia special election for a US House seat heats up days before votes are cast

The race to fill the seat vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has become one of the most expensive congressional elections in U.S. history.
5:34 | 06/18/17

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Transcript for Georgia special election for a US House seat heats up days before votes are cast
We turn now the politics. President trump is up and already tweeting this morning. He and the first family wakinging up for the first time in camp David. Here they are boarding marine one. The president and the entire political world with watch a special congressional election coming up on Tuesday. A young Democrat is making a strong showing in a strong Republican district. If the Democrats win, what does that say about the. Ss' chance of holding power at the midterms. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. The president has with him at camp David, the first family and the first in-laws. The political world grinds on. The president tweeted this morning that his agenda is doing well despite the distraction of the witch hunt. Of course, much of that agenda depends on Republican control of congress. And that brings us to that krong nal seat in Georgia. It's been seen by many as the canary in the coal mine. An early warning for both parties. Georgia six is now the most expensive congressional race in American history. Pitting John osoff -- With the whole world watching Georgia right now. Reporter: Against Republican Karen Handel. Between them, the two have spent upwards of $40 million. And we appreciate everything you have done for us. Reporter: The two are running neck and neck in the polls. The seat held until a few months ago by president trump's secretary of health and human services, Tom price, now seen as a bell whether in the battle to control congress. We have to have a crazy turnout for election on Tuesday. Reporter: Those, a shoking new ad from a political action committee, not from either campaign. Captain tall lizs on the Republican shooting at a baseball practice. Now the unhinged left is endorsing and applaudinging shooting Republicans. When will it stop? It won't. If Jon osoff wins on Tuesday. Reporter: He denounced the ad, noting man is fighting for his life in the hospital right now, and it's shameful to politicize it. Before the shooting, the alleged Alexandria gunman denounced Handel in Facebook post. I do not support a livable wage. Reporter: The candidate condemned the shooting as a despicable, unprovoke eed attack. Her spokeswoman calling the new ad disturbing and disgusting. Happily, good news for Steve Scalise. Overnight, doctors have upgraded his condition from critical to serious. He tweeted he would be up watching lsu play in the college world series. And lsu won its game. Dan and Paula? The congressman in good spirits, seemingly. David Wright, thank you. We want to continue to political discussion with Martha Raddatz, who is hosting "This week" later this morning. Martha, good morning to you. Good morning, everyone. So we're talking about the special election in Georgia. And this is a Republican strong hold. If the Democrats and Jon ossoff pull off a victory, how significant would it be? You heard David right there. Bell whether, canary in a coal mine. It's a big deal. A loss would be an embarrassment. This is a very big deal for Democrats as well. The Democrats have already lost the two other high-profile special elections. They would be very disappointed with a loss and what effect it might have on fund-raising, recruiting, downballot elections with the midterms not that far away. This is a race centered on jobs and local issues, not on Donald Trump. Let's talk for a moment about "The uss Fitzgerald." How rare is it to lose life on this kind of ship? What do you make of the final moments with the cargo ship? Dan and Paul larks it's so horrifying to think of this. The loss of life on a Navy ship. I think has been decades. Caused by a collision. We, of course, had "The uss Cole" in the year 2000. That was a terrorist attack. There just aren't accidents at sea like the this and there really shouldn't be because of that sophisticated radar. I keep thinking of that poor crew in the middle of the night. Those berthing areas are so -- such tight quarters. And to have that container ship hit in the middle of the night, water flooding in. It must have been absolutely terrifying. I think they will probably look at everything that led up to this. How they responded. The captain of the ship as we know was injured. Was he in his berthing area? Or had he made it up to the bridge? Did they have any indication at all the container ship was about to hit them? We'll find out more when the Navy launches the investigation. Martha, thank you. We're going to let you go. We know you have a big show coming up. She'll talk to trump ally and former speaker newt Gingrich and congressman Adam Schiff, on what is next in the Russia investigation. All coming up on "This wreak."

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{"id":48113919,"title":"Georgia special election for a US House seat heats up days before votes are cast","duration":"5:34","description":"The race to fill the seat vacated by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has become one of the most expensive congressional elections in U.S. history. ","url":"/GMA/video/georgia-special-election-us-house-seat-heats-days-48113919","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}