Ginger Zee Goes Paragliding in Colombia

"GMA" reporter goes flying with some of the best paragliders in the world.
4:26 | 02/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ginger Zee Goes Paragliding in Colombia
Reporter: This may be the only soccer stadium in the world where the cheers are not for the athletes on the field. But for those falling from the sky. ♪ this is the world cup of paragliding. Thousands of feet above the colombian andes each bird-like wing has one of the top paragliders in the world dang dangling beneath and one has me. It does look familiar. You're right I did run off a mountain in mexico but back then I was a rookie. This time I get inside the world's fiercestaragliding competition. Feel that? Yep. Reporter: Before we get there let's start this journey on terra firma. We're just leaving and the team was nice enough to give us a ride. At the top there is a final hike. Some of the pilots lug their 50-pound packs then others get a little help. Bianna, that's what we needed in mt. Washington. Around 90% of those competing are men so I wanted to embed with one of the top women from the states. Women are very good pilots. We're graceful and we have a finesse to us and find it very beautiful and more like a dance than a sport. Most people think we're crazy but our inner family is very tight. Reporter: Part of that tight family, my tandem pilot for the day, one of the best from the u.S. We're going to flown. Reporter: Have you flown in clom can by ya before? Nope. That's our first voyage. Both of our maiden voyage. Reporter: The conditions with perfect. I'm just preparing and have to get ready with my tandem flier. To do that. Not that, but there was no time to worry, we need to get ready to launch. Looking up. Ready? Reporter: Once we're up, we don't just rocket into the sky, we have to find fuller fuel and that starts really close to the mountainside. Within minutes other pilots start to swarm. To gain altitude we ride the thermal or pockets of heat billowing from the sun-soaked land beneath and we're touching the ouds, a meteorologist's dream. Surrounded by 150 paragliders, this is called the launch gaggle kind of like the starting line of a marathon when everyone is stretching but here they're feeling out the air. And then the race begins. The bee hive of swirlers takes off to up 50 miles an hour and within minutes the once bustling sky is empty. Three hours later we catch up by bus with those that made it to the finish. This is their task goal and only about 50 or so will make it. Amonthem, american star matt beechner. How was the flight. Fabulous. A lot dropped out. When you land midcourse it can be a lot more of an adventure. Yeah, a lot more. Reporter: Speaking of landing midcourse that's how our adventure ended hours earlier. Our landing was awesome. But I wanted that big finish. So we flew and landed again. And this time we had a little cheering section of our own. Colombia. Reporter: Not enough to join the winners but more than enough to want to do it again. I have to say congratulations to all the winners because I'm telling you this sport it's not easy of the I learned that. It doesn't look easy. Italy won for men's and women's. Aaron and nicole and I knew i would mess that up and the nations winner, switzerland. Wow. Nice guys who gave you a ride. Yeah. So isn't it scary when you have -- everybody so close together up there? That was the most frightening part this time. You have again 150 pilots all going around -- they all have to turn the same way, so that keeps you in the same direction but, boys, sometimes you have to make this noise. They do this cacoo, that's like their horn. You had a funny many noise too. Whoo-hoo. Our new battle crime. Ola, colombia. Glass you're back.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"\"GMA\" reporter goes flying with some of the best paragliders in the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18523540","title":"Ginger Zee Goes Paragliding in Colombia","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-paragliding-colombia-18523540"}