Little Girl Prompts NYC Subway Dance Party

Commuters joined in and danced like no-one was watching.
1:54 | 12/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Little Girl Prompts NYC Subway Dance Party
Got a Tony realities in the social square at this morning's scene seeing hey Tony good morning Lara morning guys. It was in your feet all week and I'm sure. And it's still there this morning a YouTube take over the little girl who likes herself some Grateful Dead. Me and my uncle was a song that's being played by the band coyote in crow and not even a Brooklyn subway platform able to resist or call to get down. Get out your golf. Out of bed self what do they say and dance like no one except. Four point five million people look at consumer watch at four point five million hits watching this little dance. The grateful that I sense the AFC wall and maybe some copycats on the way. I love this next one re guys Fresh Prince of Bel Air vents Davis Will Smith in the Carlton trending all over Twitter overnight the news that will. Carl didn't Jeffries. Uncle Phil bullpen bids are coming to net flicks series in full. Good to be available for some series do enjoy watching you became the friends of this news according to people want to do the halted. But what really put into different stratosphere Twitter was win one direction fans remind us how much they're guys love the theme song with a list. Being bombarded raids on the playground has been of the days until. And those who is an amoeba that got everywhere top five team song of all time and also one of the biggest trend there's on FaceBook this morning. The return of a breakfast favored French toast crunch is back. Happy time for fans that he's dressing syrup heavy serial that you're trying to buy boxes on eBay some successfully Billick question. How all those boxes have since been cancer went off shelves into gotten six. Now General Mills and up to French toast crunch we're back with to a breakfast bowl near you very soon. V Georgia and billiards side read after an apology telling.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Commuters joined in and danced like no-one was watching.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27445117","title":"Little Girl Prompts NYC Subway Dance Party","url":"/GMA/video/girl-prompts-nyc-subway-dance-party-27445117"}