'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Robin Roberts' Favorite 'GMA' Moment'

Roberts is reunited with the Poulter family, whom she first met on "GMA" after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.
10:58 | 11/12/15

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Transcript for 'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Robin Roberts' Favorite 'GMA' Moment'
Remembered. Robin I don't remember well for the sake of this ever got brother and my second 20081. Of. Goudie incredible moment tells the wanton powerhouse public confined. And he. We often caught ourselves Melvin Louis isn't and I would say who's Thelma who's really that much money you get top billing and I plan. You're always but somebody great memories and many new way to celebrate with the ball rated then we're celebrating Almonte next Tuesday we're going Bateman are epic. Forty for forty marathon what this means that we're broadcasting for 48 hours straight you guys are aware of not let yeah at he. I got the ball well you are huge and GMA family reunion that's on Thursday morning next week it's going to be and it was a great dividends you know that. Viewers you know wonderful lap and whatever it is you got to meet any of I didn't mean remember how crude it's not just those of us in front of the camera. All these years but so many people it takes a bell everyone thinks it now am I yeah. Have to wait until next Sunday. We really are looking forward to celebrating with the entire. GMA family next week each and every morning it is an adventure and it's truly an honor. To meet so many inspiring people sharing their remarkable stories of courage at home. From day one it has been a privilege to be your eyes appears to what's happening in this big beautiful world markets. We've not had someone anchoring the news on a permanent basis. And we can announce today it's been in Iraq went black. Had a good weekend everyone I'm Robin Roberts of morning good morning good morning everyone fifth. Good Morning America I feel like I'm on top of the world. Over 200. Game reserves and national parks here. Did South Africa's seventy alone of the Jo burg area I remember the first time I said that's Good Morning America. It's still exciting. That's the news and weather at 716 Charlie Diane I get double pay for doing the weather along with the news just check help I owe a lot to Charlie and Diane. I could not think of two things better and journalists human beings and friends to to start this wild ride. Good Morning America live from. Cast your underlying. I don't blame. People often ask doesn't like to have this view of history. President. Sounds good doesn't you know it's it's got a certain ring to and it's great but I look at it differently I think. What is it that I'm learning that's going to change possibly somebody's life whose whose hearing miss what you hope. To accomplish on this trip well I think it's very important far ahead of people in the Middle East in other people in the United States care about health. And especially women's health. I ask a map of episode white preventing this thing. Go transit isn't celebrating law. Let's at the very latest now from right here Port Au Prince Haiti I think about the time that we were able to reunite a family little Maya Esther. Still at an orphanage supporter pretzel earthquake struck got a call from New York City. There's a family in Iowa the multifamily there in the process of adopting a child can you get to the orphanage hinting at how the world are we gonna find. This orphanage. And somehow were able to and were able to get. Dim on the phone and I remember in on time seeing their daughter that there about adopted. And safe she's okay. 28. Yes we found pastors. It's the mini series of its devastation around you you're able bit. Get somebody of them a bit of ray of hope sunshine at a very devastating time. Wow. I have a picture of her. My master of my desk that's a conviction and that's really cool there's a lot of responsibility that goes with. Doing what we do mean we're journalists that we cover very important stories but it's also is trying to do whatever we can. To add to so what's life to give them hope when they need hope and it never get salt. I'm pinch myself every day and just so grateful that have had these opportunities. You have met Sally and to a close with him but I will treasure that memory alleys and can you imagine. What it was like to be at the controls with the pilot responsible for the miracle landing in the Hudson I actually witness the miracle landing just. Slowly. Continued down the river and with what he used the Hudson River as soon want away that I ever envision. That I would not only meet. The pilot of that plane. Let fly with him here that you are rising so much left behind freedom and I mean there's something about pilot series to cut from a different plot. So aviation is always been something that. But I thought about it when in the experiences and I totally always remember is the time I went to Tuskegee Alabama. It was a fantasy series and I see you don't want all of a flight plea let me daddy he was at Tuskegee airmen that. This is for you. Wow. A lot of great experience that was the way this share with people something was very personal. But also with a teachable moment. When I decided to its make my message my methods in hopes of helping others. I have no idea that I Hugo Monday. Was helped tremendously. Time we challenge ourselves. In hopes that it will challenge people at home and in little old. His side of the blew me. The. And seeing that thing that matter what I tell people that. I wrote a song with India already know how picky about we took a test it was determined that I would either be a songwriter. Or stand up comedian and our children's. Dubious songwriter Lee. Feel comfort level but you know. You've got this terrific safety then and I looked real people every morning what's next CDC alerted upon a wonderful right. Yeah I look forward to seeing two others. And layer. And TV and she. Ten vote. Well. Some of that we are in. I do not speak brightly that I have the opportunity to save them. Good Morning America Good Morning. America should never gets a little. No it never gets old everyone's gonna share. Their story with the in the days ahead so many wonderful stories about hard and family. Now ever since we reunited the Poulter family people have been asking me about little why. How she'd doing. Well. Go wide she's yeah yeah yeah. We think we need I didn't march 3 and Sean sorry I know that the producers want to catch the emotion I could I couldn't I couldn't do that it has sold. Stand up when Santonio Lindsay how telling your. Yeah habit. So here in being here ten years old now. We're putting forth grain sweat as some things that you like to do. Nineteen playing my moments this ceremony movement and not. Now some tractor what are they are involved and tracked a little bit news 14 plunge into it and one run game that's all this story not a huge katic color out Mandy and Matt to you anarchists. Seems like time has stood still and what it what do you remember about that moment when we were able to tell you that we had found. Not only your daughter but the other children there in the orphanage. That was actually in the greatest moments of our life Robin we it brought us so much hope because we literally didn't know if she had survived three earthquakes so. That was just looking back on it you know few minutes ago in front of so much hope said. To know that she was okay and then it was time to go getter and bring her home I still very real wide eyes shut me you're just don't like us to transition then that and and and bring. Her home and it's been railing and that's been great guy you know we have a very obvious is not in an unusual thing for our finally got to tell. Thank you my December right in and she's such a resilience and pictures compassionate kid and it's. You know around her Brothers and sisters she she settles and very well and takes good care re younger siblings and it's just been enjoyed have a. And I pray I always look forward to the Christmas cards and that ended. These school pictures that you sit me at over the years in the family continues to grow and grow and I hear that you like a second mom to help. You help value Brothers and sisters what do you do around the house to help. I am they'd clean. And plain nonsense. Yanked from the house. The chores are good good thing that's good it felt character that I felt scared him like that happen but how are the other children. Did you pretty stare at home watching right now doesn't that very excited and they the but. My is just you know completes our family she's a wonderful part of daily she's adored by her Brothers and sisters. She's very motherly to the younger one. The builder kid's just you know look to include an everything they're doing from soccer and basketball in this school work and behold that scene other what. You know the question that the Arab mightily that so what do you want to be when you grow up. Alan the eighteenth to says. I can you learn that I canteen said people. His season's home. Fall before you take it after mom and dad were out there aren't soon. Well it is wonderful to see again demanding that thank you so much for allowing us to share your story and how you've stayed in touch. Over the years has has meant so much and as we celebrate. Our forty years together and thank you so much rob and everyone here at ABC except for coming to us at a time when our biggest times of need in helping us bring our daughter home you. We'll always be at the end. Yeah part of our family had none of my story and yes we're thankful to god for watching over her during that time we you know he has big plans for her life so excited to see. But things and now we'll always be apart of this Sam and you know we do these stories and we showed all those. Apparently it was my longtime producer all producers that we have. These stories look at it's not just after so many people that work on and she was right there in Haiti. With me so thank you cared and thank you to all the producers were helping us celebrate.

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{"duration":"10:58","description":"Roberts is reunited with the Poulter family, whom she first met on \"GMA\" after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35148829","title":"'GMA' 40th Anniversary: Robin Roberts' Favorite 'GMA' Moment' ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40th-anniversary-robin-roberts-favorite-gma-moment-35148829"}