'GMA' Doppelganger Search: George Meets His Look-Alike

Bruce Foraker shares more in common with George Stephanopoulos than just a full head of hair.
3:04 | 03/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Doppelganger Search: George Meets His Look-Alike
Every morning -- good morning, america. Reporter: And nights and even on the weekends. Good morning and welcome to "this week." George is bringing you the news. George. George. George. George. Busy guy who could actually benefit from a double. Our esteemed panel went to work, they rod small, comedian, model and entrepreneur cynthia bailey and george's own wife, actress ali wentworth. All right, this is your husband now. Oh, my lord have mercy. Come on. I can't do that to george. He's not greek. I'm not saying you have to be greek to look like greek but if you went to greece, there's george stephanopouloses. Everywhere. Everywhere. It's raining george over there in greece. Turns out -- ♪ it's raining men ♪ it's raining georges too. Good morning, america, I'm george stephanopoulos. Did anybody tell you looked like george stephanopoulos. At first the deliberation was tough. This guy looks nothing like him. You know who looks exactly like george stephanopoulos, our daughter and I'm surprised nobody sent in her picture. So the search went on. I'll e-mail "good morning america" and tell them george has a twin. A lot more in common than just good looks. Untilly even ali saw a real resemblance. Total strangers all the time. Airports, grocery stores, movies, even my kids -- there's something george about this guy. I get you. Something there. He might be greek. He might have a little greek in him. Always like a gyro from time to time. this is really nerve-racking. George, please step over here. His double is waiting on the other side. Okay, I'm ready. All: Move that mirror! I see. We want to welcome bruce. The height. That's good. Ah bruce, durham, north carolina, married father of four, program manager for blue cross and he and george have a lot more common. Two lustrous heads of hair. Both high school wrestlers in ohio. For st. Ed's in cleveland. St. Ed's, powerhouse, they never lost. Separated at birth. Absolutely. George. Well, he was a lightweight so when I was younger, 103 through 130. 105 in high school. You've been mistaken for george. Absolutely. Not mistaken but people will often come up and say you look just like george stephanopoulos and it's -- always nice when they say that? A lot of times they'll say, george is so smart, you know, they'll be -- ah. They will bring that up too. Oh, wow. That picture is great. So we got had yous and

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{"id":18821616,"title":"'GMA' Doppelganger Search: George Meets His Look-Alike","duration":"3:04","description":"Bruce Foraker shares more in common with George Stephanopoulos than just a full head of hair.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-doppelganger-search-george-meets-alike-18821616","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}