GMA LIVE (06.18.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara speak with an undercover 4th grader who documented his daily school lunch.
14:44 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.18.13)
Now Robin Roberts yeah. And rather -- -- Dan -- Roberts Robin Roberts. And Leon back. You have to appear on camera today. Energy is there she is -- Robin Roberts. Yeah dogs and I know yeah -- I can't I can't I can't believe I -- the whole thing -- -- -- -- -- Ice you know -- salmon I swore to myself I would not logged -- at a higher. Hot on the -- all the -- -- minnesotans are working the grill. I want a girl that's why that's -- -- I had to change how did you change so I dreamed that I gave -- might -- I now -- -- transparent credit. And they've just -- -- like it was burning my back didn't burn my doctor he showed his -- traffic was stopped by -- and I II -- I have I'm Brandon accent and asked not discuss it any further without a lawyer present and I think we could be doing we could do what -- -- that. Okay everybody -- so we about the odds of their exact join us on the big show today. An intrepid affords greater U. You did a documentary about the thing that let's be honest most of us feared. At some point all of our lives the dreaded school. -- -- lunch. I get into for those of us who didn't see it on the big show why did you what what drove you to make the documentary in the first place. Why do it get what you do it. To resist so gross that food. Well I mean. Paid its survey -- this kind of Lincoln. Are you wind between my parents. Really are why we're aware that what are they saying about thing is I went into bring my own life in June. But they -- in. -- it and keep the school lunch -- and you started documenting what it was at school. Yes I know I I have at first I just wanted to. I just proved my parents right so with so how do you do that. I didn't she -- alone flip camera went and yet he started documenting what do you they're getting right yes. And then and then when I brought it -- Say they were very surprised yeah and they in turn to meeting go further -- cents. Amy lake lake at least like -- struggling to video so what is your friends think about it as you are doing and how did a lot of people you -- doing it. Unknown. I -- I -- -- true only lectures. Not me up until he met Sosa these losers who was New Yorkers and it's -- well. Like -- just my friends yeah. Eventually I panicked I mean usually quit you know when you when you get an award or -- -- -- on TV you need to make sure you take time to -- your you have to show that they will they will come back and work with you again so do you remember like one or two of them. The -- or is it. Or do you not want to give them away and they are Arianna I'll get in trouble if they begin I don't -- -- -- known so they're okay. -- -- I -- -- give it -- you know who you war and I thank you very much -- There bomb and you -- you have summit on the horizon that what's your next project going to be. Come -- right now -- Vietnam personal bragging about my fifth grade class students were all going like middle school. Since -- -- have a -- on the handling of each other athletes and that's a big step middle school because it believes it in a different building than you guys are now. Didn't yeah Julia who -- different thing from him our buddy and listen. Congratulations to they know that there were certain folks who maybe would not want you to do what you did. But it's important I think especially for parents to know what's going and arch children's bodies so and -- basically yeah. Okay. -- that's fun elected so far filmmaking is it -- -- you have on anger of -- like a big shots only I. I think you will yeah you use on your parents that's right and I was really busy when your big -- -- I feel bad about them hunt them. Did upstart that I'm -- starting to regret undercutting the hunt them. -- the exact that we judging me he's like he probably shot Datsyuk this crew and we those are Rachael Ray possibly as saying they were. And yet they all I think you look at it and get -- -- that we. And I got everybody that Maxwell remember yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you for your service gentleman that -- happen. -- thank you don't. You are you right there and I'll be my -- -- say -- -- numbers. Are you enjoying. Oh I love this New York did have -- here in fifty years and this is wonderful knowledge my birthday and made by children. It had -- come here for my bucket list that's shed some box that's great how so do you recognize that it's been fifty years. You know it is more taxis out there now than. From what I remembered and Rock Hudson has -- -- that's where work -- think -- what does this Rockefeller Center right and what's this round collapse and I don't. I'm I'm unfamiliar with adults whether just like -- was fifty. Nice yeah. And I'll say it is there are a lot of can't accept what is pouring -- -- and. It's great to have you that's terrific great pomp and everybody little pop acts Josh -- up that we've got a mom who wants to make special thing for her daughter Lawrence college graduation. And yet to this camera body -- to guess and again I can't tell the story mr. Ordinary because the words are on -- -- got married a lot. She requested a cake with Laura wearing her graduation cap baker -- however you know certain -- tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other yeah graduating. It's not a -- There again graduation cap he won an hour -- so I want -- know this there's that dying in the day. And is he had any pointing it doesn't really weird yeah -- all right cat on the top let me take this guy's side. So use -- work at a bakery where people come up every day and they ask for bizarre stories. To put on the -- they can we live on the Internet and cellular just sort of swore at me and I did I just really kind of where mom and so you know you're like I'm not asking any questions she said -- on the head equipment cap on the head. I -- I -- -- I don't want him now night. -- graduation. And that's a diploma right. And gradually killing for what -- where it -- acting like there's no such thing as a graduation hat there. That's what's your act I'm not saying I don't like that I don't -- of your eyes at that we had -- at some point that I -- you know. I just want to make absolutely certain broker that she said -- right right I -- -- usually phone number. Right to pick up thinking yes yes singularly kids he -- -- he's patent cap. My guess is he said -- -- -- I just wanna be sure because graduation cap it feel there's a lot of about doing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay the play of the day -- -- almost this almost made it it just wasn't there wasn't enough but it's real good. Forest face of this is god it's terrifying -- The mother she baby -- don't know. -- I don't know who broke yes. -- wait admit that's a wolf a little unclear on the concept of being loved hunting. -- with an identity crisis it looks. Won't pop the charity -- he's scared you won't. Com. I love that the the that are cheap but did you see I took your expectations and turn right there right -- but a lot of detectable -- -- us the mother. Today I can adopt the war but you cannot do not and the not -- the graduating van -- protesters before Israel and that may be -- we did not go beyond the segment but. This -- doesn't get to it and learn how to hunt he's not gonna survive the winter so we really we need to get in there and help this wolf. He went we haven't even -- quickly we have is not -- -- -- rescue. That's exactly right it's what I do understand why there's -- -- Liam was hoping to Z. A wolf -- the sheep on -- -- I had some sorry Sam pointer in its nature plays into element wolves live because they EG. OK so -- can't sit customary Sam yeah scenario right demanded he. Caught in a fishing that. No totally -- nobody -- I don't know mediate a -- of undetermined age can rescue in Iraq it and that's not the circle. Brett and undetermined -- it's why all about it and you. Is very good this is very different you know you know calling west you don't superhero I don't believe that you normally get all upset by may even be moved to tears manatees are the sweetest most cuddly gently just. She was -- on the planet gently -- Thing on the planet and win win win we leave our garbage fishing lines then and now that things that. Are on the top of beer cans that -- -- -- six back and all that stuff laying out there and get trapped in a. Air defense let Nancy gets trapped in a six -- top winner would be manatees yes they do it sort of other things -- It'll get tapped its latest romantic scene screaming get stuff you know it's hard and it needs -- -- airline and emergency rescue and. I love my cheese dip to support the calories yes just -- -- yeah. You thank you. Thank you can't really argue what could she someday fly out -- like those humanity yes on the -- yeah yes Jack -- -- on this. You can actually can get a chance -- yeah. And I doubt at all seriously. Yes you know I. Travel wanted to -- And they do so yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah we found us a look we're giving up hope -- women. All -- -- -- really really got. You have a proposal that want to show you them yes. Not as fun as this is I hope I'm here -- -- that -- little guy I hope you guys are alive and waiting straight out of that Pixar movie really. Take a look at what more -- Leon -- From Morristown New Jersey her all time favorite Disney Disney Pixar movie is -- so when her boyfriend want to propose. Joseph Perry decided to propose just by putting everything. From her favorite movie together. And surprising -- With the law -- chair okay hundred umbrellas the little mailbox the little dog. Everything right I mean he recovered chair. I love this I love myself look at this. And did -- God -- that's the moment there it is. Oh yes please say yes. And it he -- at the. Share and sends her away but it's a very well. Army general actually with -- on -- this morning everybody. Did you tell. The details the details my friend everything exactly right how did you did you go frame by frame -- the movie how did you get put it all together. Well it's their favorite movie like he said so we -- -- it many many -- -- But -- could the I look at. I've got an outstanding backseat and yet when I went to go look for stuff action had pictures up on my phone that I was literally just walking around with -- next to if you oppose crazy but. And yet there's a lot of the talent who has run a very -- oriented person so I want to make sure it was perfect -- What was that. Actually right on and on south street -- is the -- street Moorestown and we are honor waited in Arizona it was something we were gonna pass on -- way to the restaurant we're going to. So I really you -- it -- -- -- yet plan and I thought we were just going that deep pain and so you see this thing with the umbrella with the Ambrose of the -- -- -- like what what what's that. I think we got about half way through the camera function -- I think home is just. Well I don't. Pass anything -- like -- now had you had no idea who had -- that that's what we're always worried about. Again -- -- do you say he knew what was happening. Like happily fanning -- they would like. Like the movie up I had a pretty good idea -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In human -- each -- and -- not when -- the whole thing went to adorable all that is one of our relationship from the beginning -- Allen and many got an -- -- and dutiful little thing. I didn't get it -- they felt a lot longer than that video shoot yeah. I ask you the video do you think this is quite a crew I'm counting there is a multi camera shoot I mean how many -- And folks were in on this. It's it's actually a good friend of mine as pressure photographer Michael Chacon media heat actually -- in the corner. And that he had his girlfriend who are hadn't had yet to meet hide -- -- -- a tree with a tripod and camera. So we weren't certain video don't work out but we haven't really high good quality guy and their. Gorgeous we're showing right now gorgeous picture beautiful you too crazy it is -- rob yeah. We love you we wish the best -- check in with this on anniversaries and let us know how it's going to amen -- that violates thank that's great -- -- -- -- Throughout well the pet of the date so not to say. Who -- -- did die when he's not the Pentagon. Hello -- -- that it got me that's a technical -- haven't gotten. It's -- well how we did not feel -- on this broadcast. How just maybe do not -- may be admitted -- -- -- and that's. And that's the -- students who beer can get their first find out next on the next addition to GMA live now -- -- eastern daylight tomorrow. Okay.

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{"duration":"14:44","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara speak with an undercover 4th grader who documented his daily school lunch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19426967","title":"GMA LIVE (06.18.13)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-061813-19426967"}