'GMA' lunch break at Catch

ABC News' Ginger Zee cooks with chef John Beatty at Catch in New York City
29:31 | 03/06/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' lunch break at Catch
Here was set to. And we're here in the kitchen. I NG. Fired apparently had an 88. That's a little cold outside let. You know we're opening lunch here there's and so wanted to share with you a drink dad we're going to be serving on itself we'll. In the ice on the home team so it's and he did it's gonna help you get through the next couple days that would make me again lots of roller and you make much of us live. I mean sure you have not spend. Tonight Nolan look at myself pressed them I think this spring because they gave up eight. We'll learn of their and you people. Yeah. So it had anything here and here on the gloves flew to do it makes them the little special and that was starting with on the night. These are just regular grade up. And since we're making moment I think it Linehan. I'm so we're gonna do it. We're gonna let go and again next. Consulted his okay. You just regular on the so we'll. Yeah I do isn't that just look for about twenty or thirty minutes when he's on the greatly from the elements anything appalled that many instances. I was standout and flipped out and have it ready to go out later and since we're. We're on quick lunch break I have something. It's like you can't grab life that's not. OK so. So right now he's just think it's teammate last night we are cats. There is legendary. They open up that there. This woman making that refreshing. Still it is that we keep the milk unsweetened but we are gonna square where it's been enough. So he did a nice brown Sugar Land here. Like this second rob children of all delicious natural. I share. This is a largely on the milk so we'll down it's ready to go. Yeah hands on this excellent excellent 75% lit up here. City's special double shot of espresso. Yeah yeah yeah yeah net happened wearing them. And there. This is on the whipped cream so it takes just moments roasted on. Linda love and everything nice witnesses countered and it noted that in trouble mainly. It's like I said it was unsweetened but that that has gone out the window and it okay this is a fund is that the prices of Lincoln street just. That very day. This and you come in London based on the next. Kids nice home. Greatly this. I'll let you know. Like that's coming. That's an hour evening hearing what's. Hot. Diversity and its. Deadly day game good guess that would enable a Muslim mosque and physical. It was those. That we do ahead of time here references. And making quit making units in the end will be ready to go into the yet. So it's a beautiful Roma tomatoes. This weeded through things we also need to begin version of this motion process that we at ease into our regular. Version but from Macon and beginners and that we make a sauce out of what's it done to tell you that about it show. We don't present it reported to their super juicy and tender they're really delicious. What we're gonna do as rosy in the oven and that's been leveled all the moisture and make them. Rich intense police. And so finally decided guides medical we do in India. So a little bit of rational world. Years and the last heavily wrapped him up. London we'll do as much water city water rose take out all the way when you look at his district mailed later. A little bit exhausted. Some self. Starter this season you can't whenever. So yeah. I think it's all about the flavors wilderness on slogans of fresh thyme leaves again can. It is. Time thing. Really three of these. Okay he says he's there it is as the days marinade is very little else. Look at. Right here making sure it. It. I'm gonna take you with me and unconditionally bad and what we're gonna do is excellent we have our signature 750. Agree. Yeah yeah. Don't have dental you can do it your regular I think it's not going to be quite this incident like this happening at. That's what we'll put him right in the seventh for about twenty or thirty minutes and get a nice chart below the way and now we're going to be. Delicious recipes. I don't get this is so that you can go ahead of time get started. OK so critical. What we'll do is make. Creates a dissident sauces and the days wore what would need. He's done it snow for C. And disintegrate yes and yes. You wanna do that at that added because this is great because it is located in Mexico. News and world that is divisive as ever what you don't think you can get news. Purchasing. In the news today is. Yeah. Find out. NN truffles. After the game. See you go ahead and what does that now back and he did just that. He's a button lessons. Many nights later. A lots of things. We'll Garrett Kirkland. It's like some good things are. Look good today. I want to put these. Healthy but it has. Just because one is yet one. Residents now trains that went might again. It's it's Gary let it. And he is on track and I think gives you another look it's here right. But so was sitting right you have the lessons is lets us everything's gonna come together. Now you wanna see if you wanna light must convince us again once and the soft right now and that is there. You want to see it this is world of flavors like hey Soviet about to do is we. At that unsalted butter we'll add a little that is all it is at the very end what he tasted anything. It two tablespoons of butter and GT it was. It's much phones. One but him once more as the bombs on just help to become really pitching opinion this is it that way. We make a much from us a little bit. It's. On the tonight it's just isn't what our signature sauce that's it. About twenty minutes decouple the flavors really Adobe. When it's all done. We'll have a great disservice. I think it has been sending them fan than anything backpack. At double fencing independently. Flip triple side. I think motivated and now is the median of innocent civilians are ready made the days grow there must create. Now we're ready because this is late Friday night in a club you have all this stuff I let me see if this gets in. Yeah. That this is something we see. It's every night thirty of ladies that when adversity introduces fitness its opening weekend nights there you have it. Anyway. Yes it will certainly open. And let's start off with the it's Cutler a stronger. The difference. OK but has strong flavors of what I'm doing right here. On the night. We have a thing about mushroom. My typing motions. It's actually can't have one without the other two. Today when they did. Must not all music shipments went ahead this to have that uncle movie that's relevant. Things it's looking. Sometimes after Los Angeles and woods Johnson babies. We haven't come off and having that feeling like I. Clearly greatly and I think yeah. It. Yeah they go out they've begun. Again when it was freshman. So what we had to do than talk about it means a little. Continue to. High heat and especially in the restroom ladies we have in local business. Guys can handle. It's just doesn't come to. The good. It is seeing right now everything's gonna open up. Motions of we have eaten roasted tomatoes we can. News lives. Even those tomatoes in negros and young people ourselves to his job look a little bit dance. Yeah. It's nothing that in the the positive. President pizza when you're in this. Near ray and. Great beacon news. You have. Without news. And Kate. Open to night pieces that are awesome and can you grade. It has an eleven. Finishes off and then. Does is different every time. Nancy we are ready. Come over here through something that's. Today. Lance Bass gets nice I don't there. And and businesses. Good program. The others visit. He's happy as diminishing. More that. I do want what's. And then we'll take Kabul and express remove leaves here a little bit garnish. That's yeah mushroom plus and can. Thanks so perfect technique. Yeah. Innocent museum was and he does and it's important. That thirty I think play. One and a half of the way to make another. Wow that's. And again behind him he came to catch he wanted to be university and we also have those residents make us that we plan to make the sauce. Seasonally they now we'll. That I lanes are definitely. Seeing you. In. We're gonna hit home. Come here it. So what we're gonna do it for anything fifties through. They lots in the inning. So this is convenience. Divide up old Lula and it can be exiting the anti Japanese. Stewards it's countries. So it. So it's obviously very delicious becoming much more popular. Excuse legacy get a whole foods. This is very healthy tip that knows exactly one and a half cups. Yeah I'd just have done this for a long. So wanted to have got there and then we're gonna add another half of helmets maybe because these students to write this isn't it needs is season it's heavily. I think about this that the service an evening out check. So ever today news in the bowl. Dijon mustard it's good attitude and if that was. Just regular. It's. An appointment right now the KEW. I he I'd. The annual get. DA didn't get it don't belong on this valued at a fundamentalist. So we have a little bit of rice wine vinegar folks within the Nazis. One acid which is making this. Resettled in natural flavors of against this is what makes this this guest trouble and it. Okay this is their signature this brings it home. And touching on us. Did you bring any burden Elba. We've done next Sunday and is that we haven't online and it's only people want to struggles where giant restroom we have some. It is absolutely book recently that senses it touches. Not too much but just right now again. So you. When that happens. And left and on the east absolutely great clo to help blended. Drinks yes this is you can mixed race. Step one a lot can happen. And more than. It's just before that once. It would have been over a huge. Again. I was and to that end on. So we have our first job he loves to cook it in the morning time I have some big guys in the morning. The coming in of the Gately take your job outlook is ultimately having lots and he goes up catches impressionable it's ridiculous. We don't know about three of them up here. It last oh goodness you know it. OK so we have it's time. He wanted to be nice when you two minutes of the pieces luggage including June it's not fun so this is all about them when the user friendly. Here Atlanta. Poland where. We welcome that that's. Still the buses and there's about a cover chop loves. And yet in an economy that's. Exactly we. So today is now we're minute we're gonna steps something and get up every night. At length as precedent that's. A little bit more than. Hey we're countless says there needs nation's most of us event. Again I think a church just. Always judge marks its. We have about thirty people working the way thanks for an answer. Skills. Always things that you don't think I need defenseman. All lunch break and nice. Ask him isn't going to be thanks that this is. Plus there's absolutely do indeed that this may mean you can't drivers let me traffic. I can't sleep at night tests of them. What. But more than. Up next he didn't think I mean I would do this with just think about it salad and a you look TV news. Visit is here on this now. We're gonna go ahead and we're those embryos. We enemies pay gray break down the street. Fresh delivered so softened butter you tendered. Really great homemade. The home but great Rios fund. As they re. And he's been buzzing I don't have a where and I'm gonna somewhere about it. My guns I inside the distance indicated that. That makes them can't. So is that we're here we're gonna I was don't read you wanted to heated up today. My guns I. Your life. Once ready they. Still. The red you have to have a nice. An upset Martinsville in. Don't like to move it around. Gives everything gone nightly business. Good. David I would do it and announced it. Little bit that's. Blues. Ice of the big kitchen supplies there's. All. You can't go wrong with all my fault Clinton literally has them that's horrible news dad. You can do anything. These are here is all right now. A card. I tell you really get an Emmy to all corners everything ready to go. Extremely. Right right that is. Earlier in the budget process and get started on the slots here so particular that green leaf lettuce. Nice and fresh crisp bright green beautiful. We try to get to slow. The hanging off the edges here. Check this. Let's go unmet. And I felt pretty easy. Those that goal gotta look good first before you. Can eat with your eyes very. These are all things that are. This a try to get about four ounces three to four ounces tucked in there. Analyst mark DC we tie this into. I am so women who do now. States. Especially lend incidents and it's a bit better. Green and we don't sit outlook group limited of that every suite has from the Harrison expects Chris from NATO's. And what we're gonna go ahead and this season so we have it is very basic vinaigrette and olive oil red wine vinegar shallots. I needed. That's just a nice income limits it'd lobster roll. Nice and fresh. Questions do you have any question. And ask you have a everyone like. Natural brings up all the great. Homemade potato chips and ate pizza and sweet potatoes and purple potatoes. Amazing Chris. That's it that's her signature bluffs are all. We're seeing today. Is headed lower decibel limit their taste he can't have enough limit when it comes this. And then really know how he. It's a couple different ways you can go about continue to me and had a. I'm in Atlanta and yeah and it can eat and his feet and I'd be happy. Small piece. That. You. And isn't as big deal of fire companies look. We are what we do your kids you love for hours and push it in different times. We can do. Good night and Saturday rarely. On the events. And Twitter FaceBook. I am a ranging. One life. They didn't let his. I think that the it Wednesday.

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