'GMA's' Glam Van Makeover Reveal

Twins Melissa Roman and Melanie Chiang show off their new look.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA's' Glam Van Makeover Reveal
We're so excited we've been waiting for has not all morning long ABC's. -- means knocking on the door -- two identical twin sisters. Melanie analysts have -- -- nag and make over we escorted down that isn't -- and it traveled from New Jersey. To Times Square and on the way there are getting made over and now it is time for the big -- -- -- over mommies -- region dues and now here's our glam squad. First -- -- Deanna avedon -- senior market editor for is -- magazine who helped put together their looks and an Arab lands. -- Yeah. I thought yeah. And yeah. We -- it would make it notably -- -- you -- even you. I -- here's. Don't worry shot of the ladies this is what the sisters looked like before the I gotta say they're beautiful they are little natural -- you had a lot to work with your but the thing about the plans -- that they can push the envelope a little bet -- let me. He is sisters come -- and Karen Aaron -- even make honor. Coming up. And oh yeah okay. -- It's. Yeah. I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't you -- It's not yeah. The list I'm Melanie so what do you think of each other being used to hand out like you only have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean shocked looks great uncle yeah and this morning and -- -- yeah. Our hardworking. Beyond. We have wonderful husband you have five kids getting ripped three and -- Don't like to. Could have someone pick here view for a change my native maybe hit our area. And we enjoyed having the benefit from chronic care about -- from him about the locks up first down let me ask you about let's not. So let me go with his very cool motorcycle and we know that because he wouldn't seek as a mom is suggests. Infuse if -- -- street southeast since and -- those Sanford you know the workout clothes you might be used yeah. Winner out of your uniform you can move anything close I found these three pence from -- and telling her and their -- really straps down personally feel like a -- that they look a lot of power in the cooler attacking -- -- this a thousand times. And this can be certain your collar comedy keep reaching these pieces again any and -- a little ponies guy from Joseph -- accident I really love that the -- just added little pop of color -- it's it's so cute it's like. Being cool without -- Yeah ignorant about Melanie still seem idea I mean they're twins Savannah -- -- seeing things and they love the -- pieces but a long leather jacket. Looks very polished he can get down on the -- any teacher kids you could sell me your friends rely on -- Iran and pus -- me. Those -- and instead -- just going went you know a -- or heavy looking include. Picking something with a little bit seat looks I the so Alina Pattillo what did you do here with Melanie for her -- -- apparently have. It took them. It's about the black and down. Out of fear there is look at her his pretty much -- but I still need them thanks so that when -- wanted to basically throwing up and -- -- down underground mention it yeah Jonny Evans he's going I too can make them Mexican hat. A nice. Let -- not nearly enough of them we have foundation fellow what I did was they -- Bobby Brown. Skin with some really like lotions tinted moisturizer -- -- and I feel really then and then -- the powder that look like yeah I thought they like you know cover up. And -- and then -- let's talk about sounds so we keep Amazon EC I know them listen never -- make up ever so I'm going to keep putting -- coffee colors has been chosen really big right now. It's not all of the -- with the faces costing only face chart. So silly yet again -- Exactly what to -- -- is popping eyes. But just keeping their release often highlighted on this because he's got greets. Again Greg very very quickly here let me ask -- had one request to keep in a pony -- cellular really -- angled Bob so that you can have what you need but she's a mom but from the sexy at night when she wants we vowed to -- -- Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Twins Melissa Roman and Melanie Chiang show off their new look.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21636103","title":" 'GMA's' Glam Van Makeover Reveal","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-glam-van-identical-twins-makeover-reveal-21636103"}