Happy Good Neighbor Day!

Etiquette expert Harriette Cole discusses what makes a good neighbor and shares the best ways to stay connected.
2:00 | 09/28/16

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Transcript for Happy Good Neighbor Day!
neighbor day. All about building stronger communities and our state farm representative is here. Our sponsor here to celebrate. Joined by Harriette Cole, good morning, Harriette. Good morning, Michael. I have a question for our audience. By a show of happens how many think you're a good neighbor? Come on. Yay. Everybody feels like they're a good neighbor so why is good neighbor day important? You know, it's important, state farm just did a study that said everybody says that they want to be a good neighbor but they often don't do it. They don't follow through and so there are easy ways to follow through. First off introduce yourself to your neighbors. Even if you're busy, when you're walkingout side say hello and even better, Michael, with a smile on your face, right. That makes that connection. Positive gestures go a long way, don't they? You know, the wave, the wave, right. In addition, let your neighbor know that you have that cup of sugar that you have a hammer and you're here to help and offer it. You can even make a Te, put your name and phone number and address and say if you need some help, here I am. The one thing, Michael, don't overstep your boundaries. Don't go to your neighbor's party if you weren't invited. Don't do it. Don't do it. It's not good. You know -- I'm being a good neighbor. Showing up to support you. Invite the or not. E-mail if you have it. You know, phone call, is it okay if I can stop by and then you've created that space for really lovely interaction. You know what, very simple thing, thank you so much, Harriette. I know, Lara, you have something special, don't you? I sure do, Michael. We'll extend -- I sounded like, I do. There's more. Yes. To help extend that neighborly feeling state farm is sipping their good neighbor crews to locations across the entry to do some good. We're doing the same thing right here right now for all of you guys in our audience.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"Etiquette expert Harriette Cole discusses what makes a good neighbor and shares the best ways to stay connected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42404805","title":"Happy Good Neighbor Day!","url":"/GMA/video/happy-good-neighbor-day-42404805"}