Holiday Shopping Guide: Cashmere Sweaters

A textile expert explains the price differences for cashmere sweaters and when to save versus splurge.
3:59 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for Holiday Shopping Guide: Cashmere Sweaters
Christmas buyer's guide. All week long we've been taking a look at some of the hottest gifts from headphones to cashmere sweaters. How can you get them for almost ten times less than what you're thinking? ABC's Becky Worley has the answer. Yes. Cashmere. Doesn't it just make you purr. It does. One of the most searched gift items on Google and something that screams out lucketry, doesn't it? Inexpensive cashmere is a reality. On the flip side there are insanely expensive sweaters, some over a thousand dollars. If you give the budget item will anyone know what you really paid for it? Cashmere, yum. One of the top gifts of this holiday season and the sales, wow. $79 at Bloomingdale's. 59 at Macy's and $49 at uniqlo but despite the lower prices it's increasingly confusing to buy. Why? This one cost $69. This nearly identical one, $640. And this, again, white cashmere turtleneck, $1230. What? Is it that much better? To help me unravel it I head to the fashion institute of technology. Cashmere is a type of wool that cops from a very specific goat called the cashmere goat found in Mongolia and northern China. Reporter: Prices for raw cashmere have gone down 12% this year alone. But textile manufacturers pay more for grade a cashmere. It's just softer. Cashmere can go from anywhere from $50 a pound down to $40 a pound. Reporter: Here's a tip. Even though the label reads 100% cashmere it will never tell you the grade. And that's where buying on description is tricky. Tip two, feel before you buy. And tip three, SHAWN says more weight usually means higher quality, yet another reason to feel it so a little test. We had a producer go out and buy three different sweaters at three different price points. Neither you nor I know which sweater is which so we'll play a little guessing game, okay. This one is definitely scratchier. This garment feels the heaviest out of all of the garments. I honestly can't tell the difference between Theiss two. Reporter: In the end we both get it wrong. Shawn's not surprised. He says you pay for brand and design. So there are plenty of budget cashmere options that will still feel like a luxury gift. Okay, with big reveal here we have those same three sweaters. You test. Which one cost $79, 140 and $795? I was feeling these during the piece that aired so -- these are my guesses. All right. Why do you think that? Because I thought it was very soft and I thought this design right here, I just -- if I bought it in the color I thought it looked more like an $800. You beat our professor at the fashion institute of technology and me. This is our $79 sweater which I think is incredibly lux and rich. Thinner and sleeker so I thought it was maybe more expensive. It is thinner. A lot like -- I've shopped for cashmere. You really saw that design element. It's the design that gives it away. What about wearability like durability. What does the quality decrease over time if you pay less. This sweater I bought three years ago almost to the day for $59. Oh, my goodness. I've worn it a ton. Have you had to cut the Pilling off. No, and I have an expensive one I bought on the same day, exactly the same wear and tear. I found holes in my expensive ones too so that's good to know. This looks beautiful and looks great. My question, is that $650 more in value than this? Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that. All right, Becky.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"A textile expert explains the price differences for cashmere sweaters and when to save versus splurge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35795074","title":"Holiday Shopping Guide: Cashmere Sweaters","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-shopping-guide-cashmere-sweaters-35795074"}