Hospital Worker Buys Hundreds of Gifts for Sick Children This Holiday Season

The hospital worker purchased hundreds of presents during this season of goodwill.
10:32 | 12/13/16

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Transcript for Hospital Worker Buys Hundreds of Gifts for Sick Children This Holiday Season
Thank you guys for coming in here. You know what, George, the holiday, holiday spirit and you guys may have heard this a story so heart warming it might be Santa in disguise. Yes, Jessie tenyani, cafeteria worker at advocate Trinity hospital outside of Chicago and for the past eight years she has set aside a big part of her paycheck to buy toys for the kids at the hospital. She's giving $5,000 worth of toys. Wow! Well done. So everybody, are you ready to meet her? Yes. Jessie is live along with her co-worker Karen Connelly. Good morning, Jessie, good morning, Karen. Good morning. Now, Jessie, you've been doing this for eight years. What was your inspiration to give away toys to the kids? I tell you what inspired me was I was watching TV and I saw children in the hospital and I saw children in all -- in all around the world and I look on the TV and I was asking myself what can I do for the children? To put a smile on their faces and god put in my heart, so I decided to buy toys to put a smile on the children so that inspired me what I saw on the TV. What you're doing is inspiring everybody else, putting a smile on our faces as well and, Karen, you work with Jessie at the hospital and you know how special she is. How incredible she is so give us a little bit more. I'm sure she doesn't want to brag on herself. I'm happy to brag about her. So, Jessie has been doing this for the past eight years and we're just so, so appreciative to be able to benefit from her generous gift. The children could not be happier here to receive these gifts. It's not easy for patients and families to be in the hospital at christmastime and just to know that somebody is thinking of them from our community is so heartwarming and we couldn't be more blessed to have Jessie think of us every year. Jessie, you don't have kids of your own but you have adopted these kids at the hospital so how does it make you feel when you give them their toys and you see their faces light up? I feel wonderful. I feel great. And I feel at peace because what I do is to put a smile on their face of a child who is going through so much, whatever the pain they might go through, so I try to calm that pain with whatever helps. I decided to do something for them to put a smile on their face and it makes me feel great inside me. I feel so wonderful and so blessed to have this opportunity to help these children and continuing helping these children as long as I live. Let's put a smile on those kids with you and put a smile on their face. Go ahead and give them their toys you got hidden over there. Yes, yes, yes. Are you dead DI? All right. Whoo. Let's go. Here it comes. Who wants presents? Here we go. Oh. Wow. Oh, my goodness. Toys everywhere. Whoo-hoo. And, Jessie. All right. I want to say, Jessie, we're so inspired by you, Jessie. We're so inspired by you, Jessie, we called our friends over at toys "R" us and they wanted to chip in and make sure we can keep this act of kiensness going and be a part of it so they have something. We have something very special for you, our producer rob is going to walk it out to you right now. Oh, my gosh. Yes, a check for $5,000. Thank you so much. Keep the tradition alive and keep it going for the kids. Thank you. Thank you. We're so excited. I'm so excited. Thank you so much. You know what, Jessie, we know this can be stressful as well and doing so much for so many others. We wanted to do something for you so we got you a little something too. It is for the new day spa there in Illinois. You're going to go there and you're going to be pampered and get the treatment you deserve. Oh, wow. Thank you. I love this. Thank you very much. I thank you so much, guys, it's wonderful. Thank you. Thank you for everything that you've done, Jessie, Karen, thank you for joining us. Kid, thank you for joining us, as well. Thank you. Yes. You did it. Forget all the toys, she rents a U-Haul to get them there. She works tirelessly so I hope she enjoys a day of beauty for herself. Another special person joining us at the table. He starred in "Steve jobs" and "X-men" and in a big new role in "Assassin's creed." Please welcome Michael fassbender. ??? I'm on the edge of glory ??? Hey, man. How are you? Good to see you guys. Thank you. I won't say no. Welcome. Thank you. So we've seen you in so many roles from "Steve jobs" to "Magneto." I understand it's true before you had acting aspirations you wanted to be a munition. I did, yes. How did that go? Not too good obviously. Yeah. I wanted to be a lead guitarist in a heavy metal band. You like metallica, I read. Yes. I like the way you think. That's great but you were unplugged actually at one point. I was unplugged, yeah. I played with a friend of mine that was Michael and Michael and -- That was the name of your band? No, we didn't really have a band. Exactly. And we ended up playing electric guitars in a pub and they were very sweet to let us play because it was raining outside and we were supposed to be bustling with electrical guitars and put us in the pub. Turn it down, turn it down, turn it down. Turn it all the way down. Unplugged our guitars. We kept trying? And led you to where you are now, right? I guess so, yes. Of course, all paths lead to where you should be and as I was reading about your history, apparently when you played Steve jobs you found it slightly challenging because you and technology do not go together. I'm the worst with phone, computers, technology. How was it when you were playing Steve and you're so convincing, by the way, just a great film when you have to talk the talk. Well. Apparently he wasn't great in terms of sort of, you know, the ins and outs of it but he obviously -- he had the vision and pulled everyone together plus I guess, you know, I'm an actor. Yeah. That's true. And speaking of your acting chops, think new movie "Assass "Assassin's creed." You trained a lot for the role. But before you hit it big you said you would challenge yourself with different stunts so what did you like to do? Before I was -- yeah, when I was an out of work actor I had little challenges. One of them was to dive off the ten-meter block in the swimming pool, you know. You got a diver right there. It hurts. I was up at the top. It took me age, I was looking down. Look too long, it's not going to happen and these kids were coming up like 10, 11 years old and launching themselves off sideway, flipping. And I was still up there. They came back up again and they're like -- they all went -- Water wings on. They all went flying off the edge except one kid was like, you haven't gone off yet, have you. I was like no and he's like are you scared. I was like yep. He said I was scared the first time. Go for it. You'll hurt yourself a little bit but you'll be okay. I took his advice and he was right. I hurt myself a little bit but, not as pump as I thought. You hold your own in this new movie and we have a look at it right now. Let's take a look. What do you want from me? Listen to me carefully. You're about to enter. What you're about to see, hear and feel are the memories of someone who's been dead for 500 years. Wait a minute. Achieved. Commence regression. Very powerful. This movie is based from a video game. Are you a gamer at all? I am not a gamer, no. But I just -- I just love this universe that was created. Sat down and had lunch with them and by the end of the lunch we were collaborating and we started writing a script because we didn't have anything at the beginning. I mean, they had this dense universe. You had a game that you created a movie out of. That's right, yeah. You -- your DNA takes you to your own ancestors. That machine is like a genetic delorean. Allows you to time travel through your genetic code which is cool. The concept around the game which I think is really plausible within our DNA we have the knowledge and experience of our ancestors. That's been sort of passed down. Makes total sense. It's a great movie and I'll be seeing it again with my stepson who is a huge fan of assassin's creed. Michael fassbender, thanks for joining us. They said you play on the soundtrack. Michael and Michael should have been on the soundtrack. The movie is "Assassin's creed" and hits movie theaters December

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{"duration":"10:32","description":"The hospital worker purchased hundreds of presents during this season of goodwill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44154690","title":"Hospital Worker Buys Hundreds of Gifts for Sick Children This Holiday Season","url":"/GMA/video/hospital-worker-buys-hundreds-gifts-sick-children-holiday-44154690"}